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On display in the museum’s fine art galleries are dozens of paintings by renowned 19th- and early 20th-century American and European artists, including • Jean Béraud • Rosa Bonheur • William Bouguereau • Jean-Léon Gérôme • George Inness • and Pierre-Auguste Renoir Of particular note are breathtaking panoramas of Yosemite Valley (including one once loaned to the White House) by American painter Albert Bierstadt. The Haggin has the largest museum collection of major Bierstadt works. The Haggin Museum’s Board of Trustees and staff are committed to expanding and enriching every aspect of our visitor experience. We are excited to be in the initial planning phase of one of the most dynamic projects the museum has ever undertaken. We will be re-imagining and reintroducing the Museum’s core art collection. During the process we will have to be closing the various galleries, so please check our website for up to date information on the closures. Stay tuned for more information about this transformational process.
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