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"Feel the Bern" And Sarah Palin Heartburn

Once again, the local Teapublican who credits himself unabashedly with the "Discovery" of Sarah Palin, has found a couple of Tea Party web sites who were unknowingly or maybe more than willing to provide information, made up or exaggerated, that plays into his own political agenda. Our local Teapublican liked them so much he pretty much copied them word for word. If you doubt that fact, look them up yourselves at http://beforeitsnews.com/tea-party/2016/01/no-one-is-above-the-law-not-even-hillary-2565444.html and http://www.teapartytribune.com/2015/04/25/hillarys-act-of-treason/ ...

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Yosemite Sam Reincarnated?

This was a letter sent to the Bulletin in response to a letter submitted by Frank Aquila

Just a short comment regarding the Your Views Letter (Hillary trying to fool people) Jan 11, by Mr. Frank Aquila. In his rambling letter, Mr. Aquila echos his dire warnings about President Obama of around 7 years ago. I am speaking of course, of the same old Chicken Little ramblings, warning that voting ...

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Guns And Fear

This is the UN-edited letter to the Editor...

Two letters in the Dec 9th. "Your Views" section scream for a rebuttal. (ISIS Terrorists in America) by Frank Aquila and (Your gun will respond quicker) by Dale Burnham. The thinly veiled xenophobic rhetoric on Muslims from both writers forces me to believe both are in total agreement with the recent stance taken by Donald Trump on Muslim immigration, which would be none at ...

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Trick Or Treat

Once again our local Scare Tactics expert has given us all even one more example. This time it is on the evils of Gun Control and the secret Obama Vampire Army that is canvasing our neighborhoods ready to take our guns and kidnap our first born children. I am of course referring to our friend Mr. Aquila and his letter published in the "Your Views" section (There should be no gun free zones) Oct. 12. ...

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The Big Business of Saving The Planet

Environmentalists have traditionally been viewed as idealists with stars in their eyes, dreaming of an ultra-sustainable world without a whiff of pollution or a hint of energy scarcity. And while it's true that determined activists like that play a big role in policy and public opinion, they still haven't figured out a way to circumvent one of the most powerful motivators on earth: Money.

The simple fact is that the greenest motivation ...

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