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Feed a family of 4 for $100 a week

Here is my grocery list along with prices this time for my $100 grocery week. I have a family of 4 w/two of the four being teenagers, so I can assure you, this works! And it feels good to stay on a budget. For us right now, it's a necessity. We are working on getting out of debt, so it's super important for me to stay on budget.
Today I shopped in town again...Dollar ...

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7 Uses and Benefit of Tea Tree Oil for Skin & Hair

The bodily benefits of tea tree oil is not a secret. A choice ingredient in many healthcare and beauty products, tea tree oil boasts of a multitude of amazing properties that have been known to cure acne, relieve dry scalp, moisturize flaky skin, and alleviate dandruff, among others. It was the native aborigines of Australia who first harvested tea tree for its oil, and up to today the wonder substance is still the popular ointment ...

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Best Vintage Prom Dresses

Completion of high school always call for celebrations, mostly in the formal manner – prom. Boys and girls deck themselves to fulfill their dreams and build memories based on one day, after success. Girls, usually go for the prom dress which are elegant, soft and shows their personality. However, there is always a tussle between brain and heart when it comes to decide what to wear. Gowns and vintage prom dresses have been taken the ...

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Why Choose Velocity Sunglasses For Eye Safety and

In the past, sunglasses were seen as a style accessory for making fashion statements and were worn mostly by celebrities and fashionistas rather than common people. But, with the raising awareness about vision and how harmful the glare and the UV rays of the sun are to the eyes, it has become more of a necessity. The harsh glare of the sun can lead to drowsiness are created distraction while driving, and the harmful UV ...

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Buy American

Do you want to help create jobs in the US? Refuse to purchase products not made in the USA.

The next time you go shopping, check the made in label on each item you consider. If it does not say USA, don’t buy it. Find and purchase an item that is made in the USA. If you cannot find one, complain to the store management.

Only through consistent consumer ...

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