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Heart Valve Repair Surgery - Know Everything

What is heart valve repair or replacement surgery?

Heart valve repair or replacement surgery is done when the valves gets damaged or diseased and do not work the way they should. The valve stenosis or stiffness and valve regurgitation or leaky valve are conditions that may cause heart valve dysfunction. Your health care provider may decide that the diseased valve(s) needs to be surgically repaired or replaced based on your symptoms ...

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4 Reasons Lasik Eye Surgery Is the Perfect Holiday


You can now wrap up the perfect present for the glasses or contact lens wearer in your family or friend circle with the gift of clear, high definition vision that will be remembered and enjoyed for years to come. With Lasik eye surgery you allow your loved one to experience the world in 20:20 with clarity and comfort. The free from look of glasses and discomfort of contacts will make your ...

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How heart surgery may extend your life


At the time of 2005 a heart surgery was performed. Many types of surgery were performed; about 280,000 bypass surgeries to route new vessels around the arteries which were blocked. And about 800,000 of angioplasties type of surgery were performed to open the blocked arteries.

It can’t cure your heart but it will relive you from chest pains and help you to live longer. Patients who have undergone ...

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Gun Control - A case for common ground

I realize that the subject of gun control is a polarizing issue, but I wanted to try and start a dialog that is based on reasoned arguments and respect for (if not agreement with) differing attitudes. Mission impossible? Perhaps, but I am going to try anyway. Besides, can this really be much worse than the spam submissions that overwhelm these blog pages? Thank God that Larry Baca, at least, makes attempts to stoke the conversation. ...

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