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Scott McComas: Bigot manipulated

Scott McComas' letter to the editor here was one on the most bigoted and ignorant pieces ever published by the Bulletin. It is clear to anyone that these are not Scott McComas' original thoughts. Who is promoting this bigotry? Is it talk radio, or is it local Manteca HATE SPEECH businesses such as the deplorable Palace of Refuse (sic)?

What is more disgusting: Scott McComas' bigotry, or that people like CEO Mike ...

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Wyatt's false history - disgusting conclusions

Wyatt seems to have no problems with mass civilian casualties in war, - just so long as these are not AMERICAN civilians.

Strategic bombing was not a war crime under the Hague Conventions in force at the time. Mass killing of civilian populations under military occupation was a defined war crime. Why is it acceptable for the US to commit war crimes and not any other nation?

Also, the ...

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The best Cardiac surgeons in India

Heart ailment can be a dreaded disorder, but thank to a number of advancements taking place in cardiac surgical techniques, the advent of minimally invasive surgical option can help the patient to get rid of the problems. Seeking the competent surgeons can help in fixing and heart ailments with a number of surgical options. India in the recent past have grown exponentially high in terms of giving cardiac surgeons and heart doctors the best in ...

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How much does varicocele surgery cost in India

If you are suffering from male infertility then you could be the victim of varicocele. For this, you do not have to worry at all, as options like surgery is present, which end up fixing the problem. With the presence of Varicocele, one can face a number of issues pertaining to infertility. This can be also due to the presence of low sperm rate, which is the basic reason of having infertility problems. In India ...

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Censorship is Aquila's only counterargument

I challenge Amy to support anything she writes with a single fact.

The fact is that Amy Sullivan is wrong. She clearly does not know history and seems to think here opinions and misconceptions are actually facts. She ignorantly writes "I would like to challenge Larry Baca to prove his statement." Well, challenge ACCEPTED! I will dispel here misconceptions below:

1) "Anyone who has watched the movie, “God is ...

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