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Teicheira's Facebook threats

I find it discouraging that Manteca Bulletin employees (?) such as Chris Teicheira use their positions at the Bulletin to attack and ridicule people commenting on Manteca Bulletin's Facebook page. Really, it seems like anyone who does not agree with the "news" published in the Bulletin is free to be threatened with printed retribution. Most real organizations have a zero tolerance policy of columnist using his or her position at that publication to directly intimidate ...

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Bulletin hates black people

See title. It is apparent now that Dennis Wyatt will make any excuse to defend racists at MUSD and in Manteca while at the same time resorting to any means necessary including lies and deception and intimidation of others to smear any and all black politicians. Can anyone name a single local black politician the Bulletin has supported?

Look how the Bulletin regularly publishes editorials from Pat Buchanan lamenting about the loss ...

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Tips for Choosing the Best Corporate Event Venue

A successful corporate event has the capacity of taking a business to new heights. Various kinds of considerations have to be made for organizing corporate events and one of the prime requisite is the venue. Choosing a corporate event space for rent is quite a tough job as there are minute details that have to be kept in the mind. Here are some handy tips that serve to be useful for choosing a corporate venue: ...

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Pearsall speaks only for herself

I have no doubt that Karen Pearsall's motivations to censure Trustee Fant are based on his actions. However, I doubt that is the same sentiment with the majority of Manteca. Look at Bulletin columnist Chris Teicheira posting sexist attacks against Fant and Drain supporters in the printed Bulletin as well as his Facebook page. Debie McLarty's facebook page, that has since been deleted, was filled with racist garbage. Her children have not been as prudent ...

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Top 7 Immigration Tips for Steering Clear of Pain

The thought of coming to the USA and settling in the country starts with a dream, an aspiration for a better life. There are so many reasons that make one wish to be an American citizen - economic opportunities, superior living conditions, excellent education system and a better social welfare system, among others.

There’s, however, a slight hitch in being able to do so.

The entire immigration process and ...

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