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Manteca OK with Hate

Sad to see that more than a month after the hate crime perpetrated against the Muslim community in Manteca that nothing has changed. Has the city tried to raise any awareness of Muslims in Manteca? No not at all! The city council could invite an Islamic opening prayer to the council meetings. However, that would be an actual leadership decision to UNITE and EDUCATE Manteca - two things the leadership of Manteca has zero interest ...

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Last comment by crimeriddendump 1 month, 3 weeks ago
Worship limited to a building???

According to one blogger it would seem that Christians are to be limited to a building for their worship... It would further seem that Christians are to just sit back and accept the comments and agenda of doubters that belittle and deny our GOD..JESUS taught on the hillside.... HE taught from a boat. and HE commanded believers to go out into all the world and spread the Gospel..... The BIBLE also tells us that GOD ...

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Last comment by canative62 2 months, 1 week ago

Here's a thought Manteca Solid Waste, start garbage pickup at 8am...When you have to leave your garbage and recycle out all night because you start at 5am, your pickup time is really the problem...
Starting at 8am this allows homeowners to put their toters out before they leave for work...
With 18,000+ homes in Manteca, who's going to pay for all the new toters with locking lid...And who's going to buy the old ...

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Has the Nobel Prize to Malala Yousafzai Lowered

I remember once reading as a child that a flock of sheep follow the shepherd. Similarly the adulations being showered on Mala Yousafzai in the Western press are a sign of this mentality. The entire Western press and media are gushing about the award of the Nobel Prize to Malala. I wonder how a prize can be given to a young girl for just getting shot by the Taliban and a great man like Mahatma ...

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