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Lake Camanche FitKid Challenge

FitKid Fun Run & Obstacle Course Camanche Challenge

South Shore Lake Camanche 11700 Wade Lane Valley Springs, CA
Saturday June 13, 2015 at the Cottonwood Day Use Area

The FitKid Fun Run & Obstacle Course might be the most fun your child can have while challenging their physical fitness. Our beginner’s 10 obstacle course including “Color Splash Zone” is a fun way to inspire kids to gain an ...

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Candle Lighting Ceremony

On May 17, 2015, a Candle Lighting Ceremony for all Fallen from 1775 - to present was held. In attendance were Councilman Rich Silverman and Pastor Mike Dillman. There were 50+ people that attended.

The East Union JROTC posted the flags and led the people in the Pledge of Allegiance. Pastor Dillman opened the event and spoke of the importance of remembering those that have given their lives for our Freedom. Councilman ...

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Pearsall speaks only for herself

I have no doubt that Karen Pearsall's motivations to censure Trustee Fant are based on his actions. However, I doubt that is the same sentiment with the majority of Manteca. Look at Bulletin columnist Chris Teicheira posting sexist attacks against Fant and Drain supporters in the printed Bulletin as well as his Facebook page. Debie McLarty's facebook page, that has since been deleted, was filled with racist garbage. Her children have not been as prudent ...

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Teicheira's Facebook threats

I find it discouraging that Manteca Bulletin employees (?) such as Chris Teicheira use their positions at the Bulletin to attack and ridicule people commenting on Manteca Bulletin's Facebook page. Really, it seems like anyone who does not agree with the "news" published in the Bulletin is free to be threatened with printed retribution. Most real organizations have a zero tolerance policy of columnist using his or her position at that publication to directly intimidate ...

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Appointment = Racist

Dennis Wyatt's coverage of the MUSD board has been marred with racist undertones. Why is it from the second that Ashley Darin and Sam Fant were elected that Dennis Wyatt has been attacking them almost daily? Really, the attack seems motivated by racist inclinations and reactionary concerns over the loss of some of Manteca's "good ol boys" more so than any actions by the trustees themselves.

Further, Wyatt seems indignant that the ...

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