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Murder? What murder?

Dennis Wyatt seems to be doing an excellent job continuing to ignore Manteca's growing crime problem. Each month so far, Dennis Wyatt has used backward math to try and claim Manteca's crime rate is falling when the exact opposite is true. Now, there is a dead women discarded like trash in a local dumpster.

Dennis Wyatt spent far more time with his paid advertisements disguised as news for the Dell'Orso family's latest ...

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"christian" Bulletin

Just weeks after CEO Perrea and CEO Dillman where given quick access to the Bulletin's opinion pages, we have yet another "christian" church CEO Richardson seemingly supporting his CEO peers. The closing line " whatever antagonism there may be to God’s Beacon Light of Truth, those who assault it will only damage themselves while the light shines on safe and serene." To me, this is an antagonistic message wishing ill-will upon anyone questioning CEO Richardson's ...

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More Dennis Wyatt lies

Why does Dennis Wyatt feel the need to constantly lie to the readers of the Bulletin? In his latest column, Wyatt tells the following lie:

"No wonder the Bulletin’s social media was abuzz with comments regarding Richland Communities pondering a housing plan for the 184 acres the firm bought on the courthouse steps that calls for demolishing the Hat Mansion."

WHAT???? I did not a single comment ANYWHERE in ...

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"Where there’s meth ... "

“Where there’s meth, there’s mail theft." Seems Manteca's locked mailboxes are being pried open in the middle of the day for "meth addicts" to steal holiday greeting cards.

WAIT! I thought Dennis Wyatt told us several weeks ago that crime was "down significantly???" What city has low crime AND people destroying mailboxes at the slim hope of finding $20.00?

Also the Manteca Police response is the typical "not my ...

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Measure M diversion THEORY

I was thinking more about the Measure M bit and wondering why Jason Messler and MUSD would hire lawyers to take Measure M money oversight away from a citizens commission. Now, I think I have the answer.

Vocational Schools.

Seems Messler is starting this whole new vocational initiative. Now, there is nothing wrong with that at all. However, doling land-swap deals with public bond money to get the funding ...

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