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Has the Nobel Prize to Malala Yousafzai Lowered

I remember once reading as a child that a flock of sheep follow the shepherd. Similarly the adulations being showered on Mala Yousafzai in the Western press are a sign of this mentality. The entire Western press and media are gushing about the award of the Nobel Prize to Malala. I wonder how a prize can be given to a young girl for just getting shot by the Taliban and a great man like Mahatma ...

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Typical Manteca Bigotry

The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees the rights of free speech and free assembly, regardless of how racist, hateful, or in the case at the Manteca Library on the night Jan 15th.

Real Christianity - not a club of like-minded simpletons - believe in the teachings of Jesus and the Bible as a whole. I am curious what part of the Bible talks about creating a place to worship God ...

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Prostate Massage And Colon Cleansing

The practice of colon cleansing is becoming more popular as evidence suggests that it is an effective way to rid the body of old wastes that has collected, and additionally to remove toxins that are created as byproducts of stored waste. During this process, certified therapists may massage the prostate as a part of the procedure. This is a new twist on a procedure that has been around for some time, but an important one. ...

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Something we all love, MUSIC!!!

This is something I think everybody can get behind, it won't turn into bickering and attacking each other(unless you say you like Lil B, I swear...). Let's just have a talk about music. Anything music related, what you're listening to, what instrument you may play, anything.

Tonight I'm feeling like listening to some mellower, more romantic type songs than I usually listen to. I'm listening to Scorpions-Still Loving You:

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The Heart of Competition

Poker, especially no-limit hold’em, is said to take a “minute to learn and a lifetime to master.” While anyone is capable of learning the basic rules along with a list of good starting hands and winning their fair share of pots, it is the players that study the nuances of the game that make it a practice to win more than their fair share.
Success in poker, as in most sports, comes from a ...

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