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Feed your family of 4 for $100 a week!
Last comment by jenny56 6 years, 3 months ago.

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Well, I am happy to say that this week's shopping was successful! Last week I went over budget and had to reign it in this week. Whew! I came out at $96 and some odd change. I forgot to keep my receipts and list for exacts, but I will give you a general list.

I also have a warning for you! I decided this week to shop in town again. With all the school shopping I've been doing, I'm exhausted and busy, so shopping locally made sense. I wanted to stay under budget this week so I challenged myself to a "99 cent" budget! What I mean by this is that I wanted to look for as many items that I needed this week that I could get for 99cents or less! Excluding of course, meats, most toiletries, and a few other items. So my first stop was The Grocery Depot! Have you seen this store? It's located in the same shopping center as 24 hour fitness and Rite Aid. I happened to find an ad and some coupons in the Big Bopper Shopper, so I wanted to try them out. Well...

First of all, it's a discount store that's supposed to be comparable to Grocery Outlet. They have a lot of damaged items like dented cans and crushed boxes. And beware, many of the items have reached their "use by" dates! To be honest, I wasn't impressed. I am the queen of frugal, and I don't shy away from discount, but the store itself was not impressive. Dirty, messy, and overall not well kept. I was disappointed, because even if you are offering discount damaged items, you can keep your store clean. The shelves were dusty and dirty on the edges, and canned goods and boxes were dusty and dirty as if they'd just been taken out of a storage shed. Not necessary in my opinion. But, that is just MY opinon. If you want to check the store out for yourself, go for it. I did manage to find a few great bargains. I spent $10.00 there and came away with 3 bags of goods including a bottle of Downey fabric softener that I paid something like $1.50 for! Awesome! However, couldn't get out of there fast enough! :-/ On to Grocery Outlet...

I hadn't appreciated how much I like this store until I went to Grocery Depot! Grocery Outlet is clean, organized, has a very friendly staff and lots of bargains! I spent the bulk of my budget here. Again, the 99cent challenge. I forgot to mention, each item in my cart at Grocery Depot, excluding the Downey, and a large jar of green olives (which I got for $1.99) were individually priced at .99 or less. I got a couple cans of pineapple for .39 each, rice a roni for I think .75 each, etc. Like I said, 3 bags full of food items! Grocery Outlet, I spent $61 and some change. Check out their ad for the week! Lots of great deals! For example, Ocean Spray Light Cranberry Juice, 64 oz for $.99!!! That's incredible! Got a few toiletry items as well at great prices. As for grocery items, ground beef for spaghetti this week, a 3lb package of frozen flounder, which we will use probably 2 or 3 times this week. I still have chicken in the freezer from previous shopping trips so will have plenty this week. Did you know if you replace red meat with chicken or fish 2 or 3 times a week, not only can you manage your weight, but manage your cholesterol too, if prepared in a healthy manner. So this week we are doing lots of fish and chicken. I got lots of frozen food also for my hungry teenage son who will be going back to school soon. I need a well stocked freezer of quick snacks for after school. This included egg rolls, pot stickers, and totinos pizza rolls. He is the size of pencil, so he can afford to eat that stuff! I'm so jealous! It's light cranberry juice for me. :) On to Food 4 Less....

Got my fillers here and spent $25 and some change. A few dairy items, eggs, which they had a special on for medium size eggs .98 a dozen!! Ran through the .99 value aisle and picked up hand soap and few other items. Finally, on to home!!

So covered all our needs for this week for $96 and unknown change. That's lots of food and all our toiletry needs and paper goods, etc. And lots of snacks for my hungry teens! Remember, don't be afraid to check out these little discount stores. While I wasn't impressed with Grocery Depot, I may take a stroll through there again sometime. You have to dig a little, and get out of your comfort zone, and check those expiration dates, but it can be worth the effort!

Tip for today....The Goodwill is having a sale today and tomorrow, just in time for back to school. Today, all shirts and tops, tanks, t-shirts, etc. are $1.00! Denim shirts are $2.00. Tomorrow, all bottoms, (pants, shorts, skirts etc) are $1.00. Again, denim will be $2.00. You can find tons of great clothes and deals at thrift stores like The Goodwill. My daughter buys probably 90 - 95 % of her wardrobe at thrift stores and people CONSTANTLY compliment her on her clothes and ask where she got this or that. She loves telling them! And her closet is bulging!! Also, check out the Hope Chest on Main street next to Bank of America. They are having a sale too! Picked up a couple things for my son there to fill in the gaps in his back to school wardrobe. So check it out!

Tip number 2! Looking for cheap gas? The gas station (forgot the name) across from 7-11 on the corner of Yosemite and Powers. Unleaded is $3.67 a gallon. You can use debit or credit as no charge. Just thought I'd pass that along. Time to fill that tank for driving kids back and forth to school!

So until next Friday, happy budgeting everyone! :)

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