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Feed your family of 4 for $100 or less a week!
Last comment by jenny56 6 years, 3 months ago.

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Well, it was another successful week of grocery budgeting! I'm ecstatic considering I have two teenagers to get ready to go back to school! I'm sure many of you feel my pain (in the wallet) so it has been especially necessary for me to stay on budget. I decided to shop in town today because I got a late start, and wasn't feeling like fighting the traffic coming back from Modesto, so rather than go to Winco, I shopped Grocery Outlet, Food For Less and of course my favorite place for bargains, The Dollar Tree. Groceries came in right on budget, and I spent about $10.00 on a few toiletries and cleaning supplies, etc for my home. All combined, my final cost was $110.42.

Now for a budgeting tip...ALWAYS WRITE A LIST!! I can not emphasize this enough! It takes a little time and planning, but if you go to the store without a list, I guarantee you will spend more money and come out with less of the necessary items to get through the week. Inevitably, by midweek, you will have to make another run to the store, thus spending more money you may not have, or do not want to spend, and while you're there, you're picking up all these extra items that catch your eye that you don't need, and then forget that one important item you came for in the first place! Uggh!! How many of us have done that! So, again I say, WRITE A LIST AND STICK TO IT! You'll be glad you did.:)
So here is my list for the week. If you need a place to start, or need someone to do the "listing" for you, please feel free to copy my list and use it yourself if it helps!

Grocery Outlet - Total $36.26
1 bag pretzel sticks
1 bag Frito Lay chili cheese chips
Market brand woven wheat crackers (store brand)
Kashi TLC chewy peanut butter granola bars
Melitta coffee filters
1 lb long grain rice
1 can honey roasted peanuts & almonds(off brand)
1 bottle ketchup (off brand)
1 64 oz apple raspberry juice
1 pkg lemon cream cookies (off brand)
3-3oz Kraft medium cheddar cheese blocks
1 pkg slice smoked gouda
1 lb ground beef
2 lbs frozen tilapis fillets
1 bag frozen boneless skinless chicken breast

Food 4 Less - Total $60.33
2 lbs bananas
2 1/2 lbs plums
4 lbs apples
2 green bell peppers
2 eggplant
4 roma tomatoes
1 bunch cilantro
5 med/large red potatoes

1 3lb bag frozen chicken thighs
1 pkg Oscar Meyer beef franks

1 gal 2% milk
1 dozen eggs
1 pkg shredded mozzarella cheese
1 small container ricotta cheese
1 pkg cream cheese (store brand)
1 pkg sour cream (off brand)

Pkg/Bottle/Can/Jar/Box etc
C&H sugar cubes
Arm & Hammer baking soda
1 can hunts spaghetti sauce
Quaker Cinnamon Life cereal (coupon + sale!)
1 can corn (store brand)
3 cans tomato sauce
1 can tomato soup (store brand)
1 can chicken noodle soup (store brand)
1 small jar Skippy peanut butter (sale)
2 cans tuna (off brand)
1 loag wheat bread (store brand)
1 loaf french bread (bakery)

1 Langers oj concentrate
1 bag astro pops

1 2ltr Shasta orange soda
4 3musketeer bars (on sale for 2 for $1.00 w/2 coupons for $.50 off two!! Equals $.25 each!)

1 12 pack Charmin Basic double rolls (sale + coupon)
1 3pack paper towels (store brand)
1 25 ft foil (generic)

Lastly...I brought my reuseable canvas grocery bags, received $.05 for each one off my total. Brought 8 bags.

Dollar Tree - Total $13.83
1 pkg York peppermint patties
1 pkg red licorice
1 jar jalepeno slices
1 2pack scrubber sponges
1 pkg kitchen garbage bags
1 bottle saline nasal spray
1 lint roller
1 bottle acetaminophen
1 pkg panty liners
1 pkg dry floor cloths
1 bottle ajax
1 bottle spic & span
1 furniture polish

Grand total - $110.43

Remember to bring those reuseable canvas shopping bags with you when you shop! Food for less gives you $.05 per bag, Winco gives you $.06 per bag!

Next week we will talk more about making a list, planning a weekly menu, and making a budget. Until then, happy budgeting! :)

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