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Another Reality Check Is In Order?

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This is the UN-Edited version of a letter published 3/20 in the Manteca Bulletin....

> OK, three letters to deal with here:
> 1. (Disturbed by 'racial, anti-police rant' in Baca letter) Mar 13 by Frank Aquila
> 2. (A look at the 2nd Amendment) Mar 15 by Scott McComas
> 3. (Amy Sullivan is right about police) Mar 17 by Robert Cook
> I was going to ignore the first two but the third one was, I suppose, a bridge too far. Not that it was outstanding, guess I just tired of the ignorance of reality and I thought another reality check was in order.
> In letter #1 Aquila throws out a bunch of statistics in an attempt to prove Blacks with guns have no problems with confrontations with Police and it is Whites who are more so at risk. (Apparently Aquila believes The Black Lives Matter Movement is just fake news) Aquila then blames Blacks for killing Blacks but ignores Whites killing Whites. What that has to do with Police confronting armed Blacks is as much a mystery to me as it probably is to you.

Aquila seems to take my scenario of a Black Teacher with a gun confronted by a SWAT team as a personal affront because he claims to have been an "Officer" for 30 years. I was not aware of Aquila being a Police Officer. I was led to believe he was some sort of Juvenile Probation Officer or something along those lines. As I understand it, SWAT teams aren't usually made up of Juvenile Probation Officers, maybe it seemed to him like he was in a SWAT team dealing with all those Truants and such. A tough job for sure and good training for being a HS Teacher who also normally are not selected as members of a SWAT Team...
> Aquila then reminds us that the KKK was originally supported by the Democratic Party (In another century) but ignores where the KKK stands now and which Political party the KKK aligns itself, which President they support and which President supports them. Aquila debates the number of Teachers he would like to see armed, apparently a lesser number than Trump who has called for, 700k to 1.4m. Aquila's number would only include only those who "want" to be armed. The 'Number' of Teachers with guns is not the argument here, it is "Teachers with guns" period. I just don't think any caring parent would want his or her child to be in the same classroom with an armed Teacher. I had a Teacher in Jr. High, Miss Heath, who would hit us over the head with a book when she was angry, sure don't want to think of what she would do if she had a gun. I am sure Aquila will now claim I am anti-teacher, right?
> In letter #2 McComas gives us a lesson on the origins of the 2nd Amendment, how guns have evolved but also how the historic "Musket" is much more deadly than the AR-15 because it fired 'Musket balls'. I wonder if McComas would be willing to face an active shooter armed with an AR-15 and high capacity magazines holding only a "Musket" and a bag full of "Musket balls'. I suppose he would, being as that Trump said he would face such a shooter, even without being armed at all.
> In a previous letter submitted by McComas on this subject, he decided trying to stop mass shootings was useless and we should just take comfort in God because those killings were going to happen anyway. In this letter he reverses course (much like Trump does on a daily, sometimes hourly basis) and now states everyone should be allowed to 'open carry or conceal carry weapons' including Assault style weapons. Why
does McComas include Assault style weapons like the AR-15 you ask? Because we must be '..on equal footing with the Government's army'. He further states "I have not given up the right to join a militia just because there are Police". Somebody better check this guy out...
> Finally in letter #3, Cook claims I am a racist because I dared to suggest a scenario where an armed Black teacher confronts an active shooter and a Police Swat Team in the hallway where the active shooter is killing panicked students. Cook calls this a 'hypothetical (fantasy)' and further claims I live in a fantasy world. He then claims the "Realistic thing" that would actually happen would be that '..any armed Teacher would put their weapon down and yell "Get this man an ambulance". Really Mr. Cook? So who lives in a fantasy world?

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