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Teachers, Guns and the NRA

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This is the UN-edited version of the letter published by the Bulletin on 3/05...

I won't bother to bore you with a reply to (Truth only for those who seek it) Feb 28-18 by Frank Aquila. http://www.mantecabulletin.com/section/37/article/150107/

His letter, as usual, is just a rehashing of his same old tired talking points on how it was the Hillary Campaign who colluded with the Russians and not the Campaign of the guy being investigated right now, which has already garnered several indictments and guilty pleas from members of that Campaign.

No, what I would like to know is how Mr. Aquila, who has claimed he was a member of Law Enforcement, feels about Trumps NRA backed, ludicrous, asinine, moronic idea to arm teachers in schools. Trump has called for 20% to 40% of all school teachers to be armed while in class. Trump claims this idea would also be the most inexpensive solution to school mass shooting like the recent tragedy in Parkland Florida which resulted in 17 deaths and many more injured.

A quick note here: Yesterday, in a Bipartisan meeting with Congressional Members, Trump actually sided with a ban on Assault weapons put forth by Sen. Dianne Feinstein but not only that, he also said he was all for taking guns from gun owners WITHOUT due process. Imagine if President Obama had made those comments. You would have actually heard the heads exploding all over the NRA loving country. It is ironic that after 8 years of the NRA warning gun owners that President Obama was coming after their guns, it turns out their own guy Trump, is the guy suggesting to do just that... I love it.. Now back to regular programming...

Now lets look at a few of the many reasons why this idea being pushed by Trump and the NRA is so moronic.

1. First lets look at the raw numbers: 20% of all teachers would encompass over 700k teachers, 40% would eclipse the total size of the ENTIRE Police force in the United States.

2. That would mean over 700k to 1.7m guns along with millions of ammunition rounds. And that would be ammunition kept in those guns, not the millions of rounds that would be used in training, which would not be a one time thing. Training would have to be a constant renewable responsibility. Add to that, support equipment such as Gun Safes, holsters etc...

Now you know why the NRA is all for this, right?

3. Training a Police Officer for all aspects of a school shooting scenario takes months and costs thousands for each Officer. That does not include the prior training and schools those Officers had prior to becoming a Police Officer such as Police Academies which also have their own costs and time. Multiply that by 700k to 1.7m. Not so inexpensive is it?

4. What if a school that employs some 100 Teachers, NONE of the Teachers want to be armed. What does the School Board do? Fire 20 to 40 of those Teachers and hire 20 to 40 other Teachers who will volunteer to be trained and armed? How do they select which 20 to 40 Teachers that have to be fired? Where do they look for these special Teachers, Gun Ranges? How do they possibly match the academic credentials of the new Rambo Teachers with those being fired?

5. Where would these guns be kept? Would all these guns and ammunition be kept in the school and passed out to Teachers as they arrived for work? Or would Teachers take them home each day? How would they be secured at home? Would each Teacher be required to buy their own gun safes? They have enough trouble having to buy school supplies now! The School Systems can't even supply enough chalk, how are Teachers now going to afford expensive weapons and security systems? Where do these Billions of dollars come from?

Now taking into account that four fully armed veteran police officers, responding to the Parkland call, waited for backup from SWAT before entering the building, what kind of person would a Teacher have to be, armed only with a 8 shot pistol, in a school full of panicked kids, and willing to go up against a shooter, with nothing to lose and armed with an AR-15 Assault Weapon have to be? Rambo Trump seems to think that Teacher would be like himself, who said yesterday that if he were at that school, he would have stormed the building even with no gun.This is the same guy who on Howard Stern said he cannot stand the sight of blood and once turned away from a old guy that fell off a stage, describing the bloody scene as "Disgusting". This is also the same guy who took FIVE deferments to avoid the Draft, claiming born spurs. Maybe, without a gun, he would have stopped the shooter by stabbing him with his fake born spurs.

Now lets look at a couple of probable scenario*s of which there are dozens:

1. During a school shooting an armed Teacher gets shot in the exchange, drops his weapon, a panicked student picks up the weapon and runs out into the hall where the shooter is firing at scrambling students and starts to shoot his Teacher's pistol just as the police enter the same hallway. It doesn't take much to figure out what the results would be.

2. What if that same Teacher with his 8 shot pistol does make it out into the hall with the scrambling students and gets into an exchange with the shooter among the panicked scrambling students as the SWAT team enters the same hallway?

3. One of my Government jobs required a working knowledge of Actuarial Mathematics where you use statistics based on known factors to determine a statistical result. Now here is a little Actuarial math problem for you: The scene is a school hallway with dead and panicked, scrambling students and an active shooter armed with an AR-15 and 800 hundred rounds of ammunition left in his weapon and extra large capacity magazines. Also in that same hallway a Black Teacher armed with a 10 shot Glock. Suddenly a 6 man SWAT team, armed with Assault weapons, each with 50 round clips storm the hallway. When the whole thing is over, how many bullet holes will be found in the Black School Teacher's body?

Now if you still think Trump's asinine idea is a good one, maybe not having a working knowledge of Actuarial Mathematics is not your biggest problem.

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