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What Does a Medical Tourism Facilitator REALLY Do?

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Medical tourism is a $100 billion dollar industry with over 60 countries offering some type of medical tourism service. Now think about how does one forge their way through the medical travel jungle of options? You need to find a medical tourism facilitators to help you guide through the process which help people to reach their objective of improved health and a higher quality of life. Though it may sound like a nice little package tied with a pretty pink bow, but a medical tourism facilitatros is one busy manager, juggling a vast amount of responsibilities and wearing multiple hats at any given moment.

Medical Tourism Facilitators help you accomplish the following:

• Presents information about facilities, physicians, infrastructure, local attractions and activities for the benefits of medical tourists.
• Communite with clients through entire process and gets them connected with international medical facilities
• Connects patients with their caregivers and bridges the gap in technology, time, language barriers, basic medical terminology and their treatment plans and cultural sensitivities.
• Creates contingency plans and support channels.
• Organizes a patient’s schedule during their medical travel experiences, keeps track of the patient’s medical history, tests and medication and handles all logistical elements.
In order to successfully assist their clients on the way to good health, a medical tourism facilitator, there are some key elements for facilitation services to look for.

Does the Medical Tourism Facilitator understand the complete process?

A successful medical tourism facilitator obviously understands the role of all that are involved in the medical travel process and the concerns of their clients. The clients are traveller needing medical care and the facilitator connects the client with the service provider through continual support mechanisms from the start till they reach their home.

Who is in the Facilitation network?

A medical tourism facilitator must have a network which bursts with top-notch, highly trained medical personnel such as physician, surgeon, nursing staff, therapists, medical equipment provider and pharmacist. To have a quality medical travel experience, you should not only have state-of-the-art facilities in the network but also must have coordinators within the destination.

Establish documentation?

A facilitator must have all legal documentation in order with their facility, physician, insurance, travel, certifications, finances and medical records for a long-term, successful tourism process.

Has the Facilitator developed relationships beyond the medical personnel?

For a successful medical trip, the development of relationships with additional support networks of resorts, hotels, health clinics, spas, transportation businesses, airlines, aftercare services, and insurance companies are needed. Because they will directly affect the care of the patients hence the facilitators must select these team wisely and maintain an open, honest and direct relationship.

Does the Medical Tourism Facilitator have a working knowledge of the process?

All the important factors such as anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, psychology, pharmaceuticals help clients to get the medical help they need. So facilitator should understand how to work with the patient before and after their treatment. The facilitator should reserve a hotel room, order the right dietary foods, secure the best seating arrangements on plane which will allow them to be the most effective and create the best possible outcome.

Has the Facilitator done their medical travel homework?

A medical tourism facilitator should be able to offer a complete report on the medical tourism destination of your choice and this goes beyond the hospital or hotel. It means looking at the attractions, infrastructure of the area, shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment and night life and spas. Further a client will bring at least one loved one to be with them during the process. Having an idea of what is available will sweeten the pot for those who would like to see the sights of the international destination.

Does your chosen Medical Tourism Provider come with referrals?

Unlike other businesses, medical tourism relies heavily on referrals. If a patient had a widely successful experience with a specific medical tourism facilitator, then they are going to share their story with anyone who will listen. In the light of this word-of-mouth marketing, it befits most facilitators to work extremely hard to ensure that their clients receive full benefits of their medical tourism experience. In a growing industry, a medical tourism facilitator such as Indian Healthguru stay ahead of all the medical advances and exhibit a deep commitment to provide the best medical travel services to the international patients seeking their medical treatments in India. Get in touch with us at contact@indianhealthguru.com or call at +91-9371136499.

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