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And the Republicans just turned the other way..

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This is another letter published by the Bulletin that was edited as usual...

Two recent letters seem to be competing for Trump's records, one for outright lying (Over 2,000 in his first year) or for record setting Fear Tactics. (Effort to overthrow the government) Jan 31, by Scott McComas http://www.mantecabulletin.com/section/37/article/149574/ and (And the Democrats just sat...) Feb 1 by Frank Aquilla. http://www.mantecabulletin.com/section/37/article/149599/

The first letter's title tells you just about everything you need to know, this is a classic example of Fear Tactics 101. There really is no need to go into detail on this rambling rant with no basis in fact. The ludicrous statement "Democrats, Liberals, and Socialist have been trying very hard to overthrow the Government.." is enough to dismiss this for what it is.

The second letter is so full of outright lies, it would take an entire page to list them all and fact check them, just as the fact checkers at the STOU from Trump, the king of outright lies, worked at a record pace just to keep up with Trump. (The Fact Checking Web site actually crashed during the STOU) This was the rating for Trump from PolitiFact:

True → 4 percent
Mostly True → 12 percent
Half True → 15 percent
Mostly False → 21 percent
False → 33 percent
Pants on Fire → 15 percent

In Aquila's letter, he claims the Democrats just sat every time a Trump STOU guest was introduced. I sat through that charade and that claim is an outright lie. The entire audience stood and applauded each and every time. Not even Fox News has made that claim. Apparently Aquila believes everyone lives in the same Fortress of Solitude foggy glass bubble with no access to reality as he and the writer of the first letter do.

Aquila is right about Democrats opting to sit though most of Trumps Self-Aggrandizement, applauding himself and turning around to make sure everybody was applauding as he obviously read a speech written by someone else and forgotten moments later. I thought I was watching the Host of "Let's Make a Deal" rather than the STOU. Aquila apparently thinks we too suffer from selective memory when he fails to mention the GOP reaction to President Obama STOU when Republicans not only sat, but actually called out "YOU LIE" during his STOU speech. You really "Don't Recall" Mr. Aquila? Seems to be the common reply the GOP has embraced when questioned by the various Congressional investigative panels upon being questioned about the Russia/Trump collusion investigation. Guess it rubs off easily these days..

Aquila and McComas might have waited about a day or two and read "The sorry State of the Union" by Susan Estrich which also appeared in today's paper. She rightly described it as "..caustic, angry and divisive--might have been one of the worst in history, by any standard.." Was that the real Trump? Not hardly, everyone knows him by his Tweets and re-Tweets. His wife certainly knows the real Trump, she didn't even want to ride in the same car with him to the STOU. The real Trump has already showed up with his last Tweet, welcome back to reality, our Cartoon President...

In his letter, Aquila repeats the chorus "The Democrats just sat" after each claim. I have a little chorus for Mr. Aquila as well, and this one is based on fact not something dug up from the sludge pit in the Fortress of Solitude.

When Trump made fun of and crudely imitated a disabled reporter, the Republicans just turned the other way.

When Trump called Mexicans rapists and murderers, the Republicans just turned the other way.

When Trump embarrassed the country in the eyes of the world, the Republicans just turned the other way.

When Trump embraced the White Supremacists, the Republicans just turned the other way.

When Trump refused to condemn antisemitism on Holocaust Memorial Day, the Republicans just turned the other way.

When Trump attacked The Freedom Of The Press, the Republicans just turned the other way.

When Trump threatened to deport those brought to this country as children, the Republicans just turned the other way.

When Trump tried to stop ALL Muslims from entering the country, the Republicans just turned the other way.

When Trump egged on his Rally crowd to beat up demonstrators, the Republicans just turned the other way.

When Trump tries over and over again to protect Russia and Putin, the Republicans just tuned the other way.

When Trump called an American U.S. Judge, a Mexican, the Republicans just turned the other way.

And now, Trump attacks his own Justice Department for the sole purpose of stopping the Mueller investigation into Trump's Russia ties and the Republicans not only turn the other way, they actively help..

I could go on and on but I think you get the picture, if not, you must be suffering from the same mental ailment affecting the two "Foggy Bubble Boys" from their Fortress of Solitude... I suspect a lack of Oxygen and breathing the putrid fumes from that Sludge pit where they dig up their information.

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