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My Button Is Bigger Than Your Button
Last comment by LarryBaca 2 months, 1 week ago.

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This is an UN-Edited copy a letter to the Editor published on 1/8 with the title "Whe he believes state is better than ever"-------

I could hardly contain myself when I read (What has 'The Left' brought?) Jan 1, by Scott McComas, http://www.mantecabulletin.com/section/37/article/148949/ where he actually asked if I could explain what was bad during the Reagan years and what is so great now. (Apparently, in the McComas view of GOP leadership, that is the only GOP Governor that matters) But that wasn't all McComas had to say that was so disturbing. First of all the state of California now. It is the 6th. largest economy in the WORLD. The State just raised the minimum wage to as much as $11.00 an hour. Small Businesses with between 20 and 49 employees, have to offer 12 weeks of maternity and paternity leave to employees. The pay gap between men and women is being eliminated. There are new laws governing Health, Climate Change, Education, Firearms, and Criminal Justice. I encourage McComas to looks some of these new laws up, then revisit his claim.

Now within the rambling rant blaming Democrats for whatever he could make up, and trying in vain to defend this dangerous, incompetent, embarrassment in the White House, who just today tweeted to Kim Jung Un of North Korea, that he had a "Bigger and more powerful Nuclear Button" on his desk then did Kim, McComas made some rather alarming statements of his own. The first that stands out the most for me was his remarkably distorted view of Sexual predators like Trump, who in his own words bragged about his predator methods and then had no fewer than 19 women come forward to verify his own words. Apparently in the McComas view of these sick individuals, sexual harassment is fine and justified if someone from the opposing political party has also participated in such conduct. No Mr. McComas, Sexual harassment is NOT OK in ANY circumstance. NONE!

The other alarming statement, after blaming Democrats for hate speech, mind you, was about Mexican Immigrants, McComas claims these Immigrants "...do not like this country." "They stomp on the American Flag", "They spit on the American Flag", "They burn the American Flag", and to make sure we all understand which Immigrants he is talking about, "They carry the Mexican Flag". Sounds like hate speech to me, directed to only one group of Immigrants and not too far from what Trump preached at almost every campaign rally he held. Now I don't know about you but I have never been witness to any Mexican Immigrant doing any of that. (Except for the flag waving at Cinco de Mayo celebrations), but then Italian Americans and Irish Americans do the same at their own celebrations, nothing from McComas there, right?

Among the ridiculous statements in his letter, McComas states mass shooters do not fit the profile of Conservatives. Really Scott? You might want to look up the political affiliation of some of those mass shooters. McComas states about Democrats: "Their words became very hateful. I have never seen this level of hate against anyone in any party." Really? You never heard anybody say a disparaging word about President Obama? Really Scott, Really?

Mr. McComas conveniently omits what Trump's own people have said about him, his current Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has reportedly called him a "Moron", Steve Bannon who served as his Chief of Staff described him as a "f****ing Idiot", others on his staff referred to him as a "Petulant whiny man-child". None of these people have denied ever making such references. Did you ever hear of any Obama staffers or Cabinet officials making remarks such as those? Nope, that's because something like that would never happen to a man who has been chosen for the 7th. year in a row, as the worlds most admired man.

McComas also makes a couple of other, rather confusing and hypocritical statements, the first is "(Dems) Trying to tax the wealthy, the poor pay the tax because it gets passed down." I have no idea what that means. The hypocritical statement was "Many Democrats have gone on record to state they will impede Trump at every opportunity". Apparently McComas was hiding out in his Fortress of Solitude when Sen. Mitch McConnel (r) stated "My number one priority is making sure president Obama’s a one-term president.’ McConnel was instrumental in blocking Obama's pick for the Supreme Court for almost a year, not by voting against the pick, but to not even bring it up for a vote on the Senate floor. Of course Obama wasn't a "One Term" President but that didn't stop McConnel from blocking everything he could including his Supreme Court pick. That's "Impeding" isn't it Mr. McComas?

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KarenPearsall commented on Monday, Jan 08, 2018 at 15:48 PM

Hi Larry,
I was going to comment on your letter on the online section of the Bulletin, but couldn't find it there, so I'll post here instead. Even the edited version of your letter that made it to print was a great rebuttal to McComas's rant. I just roll my eyes or shake my head at his and Aquila's lumping together of all Democrats who (in their minds) embody their twisted vision of what "the liberals" think and believe. They set up so many outlandish straw-man arguments and seem to feel so superior when they supposedly demolish the liberals, Democrats and Progressives. But when McComas crossed the political line from "all Democrats think or act like this" to attack all illegal immigrants as hating our country, taking advantage of us and stomping, spitting on or burning our flag, I completely lost any shred of respect I may have had for him. I don't expect everyone to agree with me politically or otherwise, but for McComas to hypocritically condemn liberals or Democrats for taking the stance that all illegal immigrants love this country while making the exact opposite generalization is laughable at best. As you pointed out, he criticizes Democrats for "hate speech" while providing example after example of his own ridicule and contempt for those who think differently than him.
I am glad that you responded to his letter. Although I realize it will probably not change McComas in the slightest, sometimes hate speech and stereotyping can not be left to go unchallenged. Thanks for providing a voice of reason and counterpoint. Sincerely, Karen

LarryBaca commented on Tuesday, Jan 09, 2018 at 20:49 PM

Thanks Karen.. it only took 6 days for McComas to again attack Immigrants, especially Mexicans... and no, neither he nor Frank will ever change, small minds cannot grow in a vacuum...

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