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How heart surgery may extend your life

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At the time of 2005 a heart surgery was performed. Many types of surgery were performed; about 280,000 bypass surgeries to route new vessels around the arteries which were blocked. And about 800,000 of angioplasties type of surgery were performed to open the blocked arteries.

It can’t cure your heart but it will relive you from chest pains and help you to live longer. Patients who have undergone bypass surgery due to serious coronary artery disease are nearly 50 % more likely to be alive in five years than patients who receive drug treatment.

Angioplasties can also help you to relive chest pain but are not as lasting. The patients who receive bypass surgery are more than 40% and they need bypass surgery within a decade. With the help of research in United States and Europe showed that 98.2% of survival chances for bypass surgery patients and 98.9% for angioplasty. Major surgery are always risky but if minor procedure will never give you any results. A sentence said by a heart surgeon Robert jones MD of Duke University “No surgeon should be offended if you get a second or third opinion”.

Can surgery extend your life?

After surgery it again depends on individual risks. And the most important thing is how are the muscles of heart working if it works will and the patient is normal then life expectancy can be approximately similar as a normal person who doesn’t have any heart disease. On the other hand a person who have damaged main pumping chamber and have advanced left ventricular dysfunction there life expectancy is more limited. A group named as The European coronary surgery study group recently reported that if a patient; With triple vessel disease and normal left ventricular functioning can survive. From three years to five years if patient were randomly assigned for surgical therapy. Most of the studies suggest that surgical theory for symptomatic patient can increase their prolong survival. And to the growth and improvement in surgical techniques may increase the life duration for those patients who have heart diseases.

Rise and benefits of bypass surgeries:

The best and safe method of bypass surgery is beating heart bypass surgery Or off pump coronary artery bypass (OPCAB). Both types of bypass offers beneficial results. To eliminate the use of heart lung machine is to do a beating heart bypass surgery. But this can result some side effects. Some of the benefits for beating heart surgery

• A low risk of stroke
• Lower death rate especially among women
• Fewer problems with memory loss
• Shorter hospital stay
• Less need for transfusion
• Fewer heart rhythm problems

They may recover more quickly than of ”on pump”. With OPCAB patient improves faster and a complete relief of There symptom. In united State the most common surgery is coronary artery bypass surgery Risk of death is very low. But there are rise involved with this type of surgery.

The risk are not much greater than “off pump”.
This are some risk of OPCAB but it is not limited:
• Bleeding
• Stroke
• Infection
• Death
• Lung complications
• Kidney failure

There are some more factors thank can determine your risk too including

• Age( older than 70)
• If you having emergency surgery
• smoking
• diabetes
• Chronic kidney disease
• Chronic lung disease
• Your health at the time of surgery
• Poor health muscle function

If you are suffering from cardiac surgery of any type go to ur doctor and take the best treatment for it.


If you want to live with the heart disease medicines like statins and beta blockers will make it easier there will be no need for angioplasty because Patients are not likely to be in a horrible pain as they were before. Now coronary artery surgery is safer for elderly people. Due to modern surgical techniques and pharmacological perioperative and postoperative dangers.

Clinicians must understand the physiological changes that happens over aging In order to construct a risk benefits for each patient. This analysis should help us to extend a patient’s life and quality before and after procedure. The most important must this is that this type of issues must be discussed with patient family this will help the patient to get some confident to take a big step for a better life.



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