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Could It Be The Pee Tape?
Last comment by TheSovereign 2 months, 2 weeks ago.

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The last time I rebutted our local Trump worshiper, I mentioned how untimely his rant was because it was the second time in a row that his rant appeared on the very same day that even more damming evidence on the Trump/Russia Collusion probe was also announced. Well, today our hero got his Trifecta because today's breaking news was that Trump Jr. had secret communications with Wikileaks, the same Wikileaks that published Russian hacker information stolen from the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. The same organization that Trump Sr. so publicly declared his love for. (Aquila: "No more vodka Baca) Nov. 13 by Frank Aquila. http://www.mantecabulletin.com/section/37/article/147799/

Aquila mentioned my "..premature tailgate party." Really Frank? Premature? Lets check the score shall we? No fewer than NINE members of the Trump Campaign have been proven to have met with Russian agents. One has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about these meetings, two have been charged with 12 felony counts. Aquila only mentions one count, tax fraud. Oh, and not so slyly draws once again from the Trump playbook by attempting to draw the accused as just bit players. Manafort's "..brief stint with the Trump campaign." and George Papadopoulos was just a "..coffee runner", we have heard that ploy more than a few times and we will probably hear it again and again and again...

Aquila makes it a point to state "Collusion" is not a crime, this is true, however Conspiracy Against The United States IS a crime and that was one of the other 12 felony counts against Manafort and his associate Rick Gates. So how do you come to that charge if you do not collude with anyone in the first place? Aquila tries, like the Trump Administration, that Manafort's crimes took place before he was Campaign Chairman (For all but two months from Mar. 2016 - Aug. 2016). Actually the time frame of Muller's indictment covers the time before, during and after the Trump Campaign.
Aquila claims Trump Jr. did not commit a crime by meeting with Russian operatives to obtain dirt on the Clinton campaign. I wonder why, when confronted, did Trump Jr. claim the meeting was all about Russian orphans? Yeah, I'm sure Trump Jr. was concerned about poor little Russian orphans, so concerned that he invited four or five top campaign officials to the meeting, including Manafort and Kushner. We all know how many times he changed that story and the players involved...Please...

Aquila also brings up the infamous Trump dossier,(Put together by Christopher Steele, a Ex-British Spy) which he claims as unverified, actually he should qualify that statement by saying the dossier has not been "Completely" unverified because some of it actually has been verified since it was revealed. Time will tell if the rest is verified, after all the investigation is just in its infancy.One has to wonder why Trump still refuses to utter even one word against Putin and actually said just yesterday that he believes Putin over our own Intelligence Agencies on the Russian intrusion into our elections. (he later tried to walk that back then the very next tweet, went back to Putin's side), could it be that "Pee Tape" mentioned in the dossier or is it something else? Aquila also fails to mention that before the Clinton Campaign took over that opposition dirt gathering, it was first started by a Republican opponent to Trump during the Primaries.

Aquila, feeling he has proudly followed the Trump Playbook, tries to throw in the, now silly Clinton/Russian/Uranium sale of 20% of our Uranium to Russia fairy tale. I think I covered that silliness in my last dressing down of the last Aquila rant. Just a quick refresher: First of all the 20% reflects only the licensed uranium mining capacity of the U.S. at the time, not total uranium reserves or even actual production. Secondly, this did not involve weapons grade uranium and even if it did, why would Russian need even more Nuclear Weapons? They already are in possession of thousands of Nuclear Weapons, as is the U.S. This would be like giving even more money to Bill Gates. One more word, CFIUS. Look it up.

This time Aquila tries to tie Mueller into this fairy tale in order to attempt to get Mueller off the Trump/Russian trail. Something Trump tried in one of his early morning tweets, what Aquila hasn't learned yet, is that one should never take any early morning Trump Tweet seriously. Come to think of it, the entire world knows by now that one should not take any Trump Tweet seriously, now we may have to apply that same logic to Mr. Aquila.

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TheSovereign commented on Thursday, Nov 23, 2017 at 10:08 AM

Hey Larry, remember the evil Obama Administration, where not a single member was indicted in eight years, unlike the Trump's administration which couldn't make it out of the first year?

I am thankful this holiday that the fake administration is just about one fourth over, and the country is still standing. I'm also thankful for the fact that Fox News ratings are down as well as profits, which means one of two things, people aren't watching the BS anymore, or their fans are just dying off. I am also thankful this morning for my Keurig Coffee maker. Nothing like a hot, individually made cup of coffee in the morning while I read about how poor Hannity loses more advertisers, and his fans are protesting things they already purchased. I doubt Fox News will keep a money losing bag of wind much longer. Nothing is free on Fox, especially speech.

Larry, I know you feel its important to counterpoint a right-wing idiot like Aquila, but you need to keep in mind that Trump's approval rating has been consistent at 38 percent, with a disapproval rate hanging at 55 percent his whole term so far (according to fivethirtyeight.com, which aggregates all polls for an average). There is no-one in this country that is going to buy into the BS that Fox News, and Frank are selling... except for possibly the 7% who either don't care about politics, or are in a coma.

At some point, I am hoping that you start speaking about what direction you would like to see the country go in, and which candidates out there are leading in that direction, instead of being on the defensive all of the time. I forgive you for pushing a crappy candidate like Hillary, but in the end, it is tearing the Dem party away from the Money Changers, and bringing them back to the average people, which has been their hallmark over time. As we have seen in the most recent special elections, all stripes of our population is winning against the GOP, and big money of Wall Street. Gay, Trans, Black, Sikhs, Muslims, the people are voting the demographics of where they live, and not following the Party lead of bankers and stock brokers.

Keep in mind, Aquila and the GOP as a whole focus on Distract, Deceive, and Divide, and not unite and progress, which was what the founder's original goals were.

And to all that were planning on ruining low wage employee's holiday today because of Black Friday sales, stay home and quit making the holidays about enriching the Capitalists. It's just crap that you want, but don't need. Otherwise, it stays "Happy Holidays" and not "Merry Christmas." It should be "Merry Capitalists!"

Happy Thanksgiving!

LarryBaca commented on Friday, Nov 24, 2017 at 14:44 PM

Sov, hope you didn't buy that Keurig on Black Friday. :-)
The main reason I have to debunk Aquila is that there are still people out there that can be swayed in his favor, I just want to
satisfy myself that they are set straight.
Hilary wasn't the best candidate to put out there, even though she did win the popular vote, but without Bernie in the race, there really wasn't any other viable choice. Enough people in the right places decided to go against her and this is what we got for four years as a result. Maybe people will learn from this, maybe not. I just can't let Frank spread his crap any further,he is just an extension of Trump and we can't let anything he does go without speaking up. Germany ignored that little guy till it was too late.

TheSovereign commented on Friday, Nov 24, 2017 at 16:06 PM


I appreciate your motivation, and by no means am I advocating that you or anyone else not pay attention to the idiocy in the WhiteHouse, but my suggestion is that we as Americans start pointing to what needs to be next.

The Hillary debacle, which is on par with the Dukakis debacle is, and should be a wake up call for the DNC, and Democrats as a whole. It’s just not good enough being Republican-lite. I have always said that change won’t happen until there is a catastrophe, and Trump is just that catastrophe to get people up and ready for change. I can see your point about not being silent, and wanting to push back on wingnuts like Frank and the other fringe in the valley, but that just leads to division, which is turning people off.

We hear your angst with your statement about the “little guy” therory, but you have to keep in mind that the “little guy” was popular amongst the German population where Trump can barely hang onto 38% approval. He is a running joke throughout the country, on the internet, late night TV, and overseas as well. Keep in mind that he was easily manipulated by the Asian leadership, especially in China, and he isn’t allowed to meet with the Queen of England. You are better off tying Frank to President “Little Hands” as being out of touch, and ignorant to how the country works. There is plenty of Faciest/ Corporatism in what the Russian plant promotes, and the should be highlighted and ridiculed over. I was just reminiscing the other day on how the right wing was able to capitalize on wealth distribution during Obama’s first campaign that is being missed with this opportunity by the left. Frank has the same negative reputation that Trump has, minus the dead cat on his head, so the only people he is speaking to are those who voted for Trump in this valley. The new people moving in are from the Bay Area, they aren’t going to listen a person full of BS like Frank anymore than they would believe anything Trump says.

You have a great opportunity to lead with your positive experiences Larry. I know it’s hard to do when you have spent so much time in the trenches, but instead of convincing the lesser of two evils is the best they are going to get, go back to promoting all ship rise instead of our side wins and theirs loses. You lived in a time when America was great, and it looked nothing like what Trump or Frank is promoting. Speak about bread and butter issues, ones and that actually effect the average people. Right wingers are taught to speak of Nationalism and avoid addressing people’s needs. That’s why President Pee on Me is concerned about football players excericing their freedom of speech and his view of respecting the flag instead of the American citizens in Puerto Rico, and Sonoma/Napa Valley.

I’ve had a good streak at reading the tea leaves of late, and I can tell you that President “Golden Shower” is not going to make it until the end of his four year term, but what comes after him?

LarryBaca commented on Sunday, Nov 26, 2017 at 21:02 PM

If Trump doesn't make it until the end of his four year term, what comes after him would be Pence... One is loudly evil, the other is quietly evil...

TheSovereign commented on Monday, Nov 27, 2017 at 08:54 AM

We need to look back to the early 70's when Americans were able to take out Agnew on tax evasion before pushing Nixon out. History tends to repeat itself, especially when we learn from our past.

Making America Great Again....

TheSovereign commented on Friday, Dec 01, 2017 at 10:41 AM

Hey Larry,

Based on the Flynn news today, I'm going to go out on a limb here and read my tea leaves. I am predicting that Trump will resign in the next few months, as the heat keeps getting turned up.

Here is my reasoning, if there is enough evidence to convict him on High Crimes and Treason, he not only faces his day in criminal court, but also an Impeachment trial in front of congress. He will be dragged through the mud on two different occasions, which he won't be able to sustain, which will lead him to leave office prior to an Impeachment hearing, and take his chances with the criminal trial.

There has been the thought floated that he will simply pardon himself and/or anyone who could be damaging to him to avoid trial, but that only applies on Federal Charges. It is my understanding that Mueller has been working with Governors and State's Attorney General to bring the band of gypsies, tramps, and thieves in the Trump clan, up on State charges which he will not be able to pardon.

Like I said, I'm going out on a limb here, but I am going to be playing Samantha Bee's new game, Fantasy Indictments. Will see how I do.

May we be living in interesting times...

MAGA: Mueller Aint Going Away!

TheSovereign commented on Friday, Dec 01, 2017 at 10:54 AM

Oh, yeah, something else to consider.

If he is proven to be an illegitimate President, it could throw into jeopardy the legitimacy of the tax cuts, if the bumbling Republicans are able to pass the law.

Also, your fear of Pence becoming President, one must remember that Flynn and Pence had plenty of conversations prior to the election, and supposedly "lied" to Pence which caused his termination in the first place. Pence is and was as much a part of the clan as anyone. Time, and Mueller will tell on this one. Oh what a tangled web we weave...

Lastly, did you see the survey results from right leaning Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll on who the general public believe is the fake news? 40% stated Fox News, 25% stated CNN, 9% stated MSNBC, and 5% stated the three network news. It looks as if the general public understands which is the fake news and which is the fake president.

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