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My opinion on the gun control debate
Last comment by TheSovereign 4 months ago.

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I commend you for stepping into one of the muddiest debates possible. I have aways stated that my goal is to play with perceptions, and one of the greatest misperception is that we have an untethered right to own and carry "guns".

Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

It probably does require some know.ledge of American history and the statements by the founders to understand this amendment to the Constitution. The point that you raised in regards to the citizens right to bear arms in order to thwart a tyrannical government ties to the founder's belief that there should not be a standing army, for fear that a standing army can be turned on its own people. We have blown the concept of a standing army out the window with the yearly $700 billion military budget. Americans, especially the goof in the White House, brag that we have the biggest, baddest military in the world. So how realistic is it that modern day citizens will be able to thwart this military, especially when the 'shock and awe" carpet bombing begins?

The founder's logic was that the citizenry would form "well regulated" militias through out the states that would be the first line of defense of the country. The "armaments" would be owned by the citizens. Washington spoke on this stating that the people of this country would fight strongly to protect their liberties against a foreign invader. There are those who will argue that the National Guard is that militia, but when the government started Bush's folly in Iraq and Afghanistan, they pulled the National Guard from the states. So, to much disregard to John Quincy Adam's statement of American's principles, "But she goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy", we did, and we pulled our supposed militia, leaving us unprotected. The last time that this "militia" to protect our shores concept was utilized was during the last declared war, WWII, when we had the Civil Defense.

Since the amendment does not say guns, playing with perceptions and semantics, I should be able to openly carry live grenades when shopping or going to church, since they too are armaments, as covered in the second amendment. Sounds ridiculous, but technicalities being what they are, it is my right as it is written, just one that is being infringed on.

What I see when I go to festivals are booths set up selling t-shirts, hats, and placards with gun rights sayings with guns wrapped in flags. Guns are tools, and have specific uses, but I don't see carpenters with the same fetish for their tools. I have yet to see a hat with a hammer embroidered on it, or a shirt that says I need to protect my right to own a skill saw.

It has become a fetish for some. There are over 300 million guns in the country, but 265 million are owned by 22 percent of the population. Statistics show that gun ownership by household has gone down to 1 in three households. This tells me that 33% of the households in this country own the gun to protect their home or for sport. Its the 22 percent that own the largest quantity, are the ones with the fetish, and should be the focus of any type of regulations.

It is my opinion, that the only way that we can gain control over 300 million guns, is to regulate the ammunition. Its not that hard to conceive these types of regulations, hunters are allowed X amount of catches a season, so that is how many rounds of ammunition they can purchase per season. If you want to go sport shooting, you buy the rounds at the gun range, returning any unused rounds. If the average American cannot protect their home with 6 to 10 rounds, then they shouldn't be able to own the gun. As you stated, sound regulation on other privileges of responsibility, such as driving are an expectation for the safety of the citizenry. Other countries (and ours included in days gone by) that incorporate gun ownership for the use of a well regulated militia for civil defense are either required to have they guns locked up in a community safe location, or they keep their guns, and the ammunition is locked in a community safe location. There are some countries that require all adults to own a gun. All doable now.

Propaganda, especially on a 24 hour political cable channel, as well as fear, and impotent males drive the biggest reasons for the fetish of owning the gun. You highlighted that the police are our protection, but nearly 1000 citizens have been murdered in the streets by cops this year alone. There is a lack of trust of those who are to protect us. We have too many young men coming back from Bush's folly with extreme mental issues who have been trained to kill when involved in con.flict. Stopping the extremely expensive military excursions would help calm the need to arm ourselves. Calm our fears of Monsters to destroy overseas, and go back to leading by showing the greatness of our diminishing liberty.

You are looking for a debate on gun control, and what you will hear are people's fears come out, and not logic or principles. I'm not against gun ownership, just responsible regulations that bring them back to being tools for protection and sport. In my younger days, I used to participate in fast draw competitions and I was pretty good at it, but I was also good at darts, and I haven't had the need to use them on others. Even if I did, the worst i could have done was put someone's eye out. We just need to look to New York, where a troubled religious fanatic had to utilize a rented vehicle to do his damage, because the BB gun and paintball gun he had were just not that effective in producing the end results he was looking for. Looks like gun control worked there, now maybe we need to work on religion control next.

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KarenPearsall commented on Monday, Nov 13, 2017 at 21:34 PM

Hello TheSovereign,
You brought up some interesting points. One that I would like to stress and have been thinking about is the term "a well regulated militia". A few weeks ago, I looked up "regulate" in the dictionary and here is what it says: "control something by rules or laws to organize and control an activity or process by making it subject to rules and laws". So, if the Second Amendment implies that a militia is subject to rules and laws (being well regulated) and the purpose of said militia is to maintain "the security of a free state" how are such laws seen as an "infringement" of citizens' right to "keep and bear Arms"? As you astutely noted, guns are not specifically mentioned in the Second Amendment, yet we don't allow private citizens to have unlimited weaponry such as missiles or nuclear bombs. Why can we regulate some weaponry, but not others? Why are gun control laws seen as a threat? It is truly a mystery to me. I hate to be so cynical, but it just seems to me to be all about money from gun and ammo sales. To stoke up fear and paranoia ("they are going to take away all your guns, so you better rush out and stock up while you still can!"} for selfish financial profit is just disgusting, in my opinion. Sincerely, Karen

TheSovereign commented on Monday, Nov 13, 2017 at 21:50 PM

This link is an interesting read on the second amendment:


TheSovereign commented on Tuesday, Nov 14, 2017 at 12:34 PM

Another interesting read from today:


TheSovereign commented on Wednesday, Nov 15, 2017 at 09:54 AM

After reading the articles in regards to the mass gun killings of yesterday here in Northern California, some points need to be highlighted.

The killer, "Kevin", had been shooting off his gun the prior days. Neighbors stated they had been hearing rapid, and constant shooting going on. "Kevin" was in possession of multiple firearms, and apparently a large supply of ammunition.

Two points that I have made, and I would like to reiterate, is that "Kevin" had a gun fetish, and that had he been limited on the amount of ammunition that he was allowed to have, he would not have been shooting off his guns, which obviously was meant to intimidate his neighbors, but also would not have been able to kill as many random people as he did.

Granted, we can't go back in time to implement simple ammunition regulations, but if we don't do something moving forward, this can and will be a more common problem.

I would be interested in seeing if "Kevin" had been a veteran, seeing that this person had a con.flict with a neighbor, and chose killing as the solution. This isn’t to blame military service for this heinous act, but there is a rash of mental illness concerning returning veterans. Another issue that needs addressing, but for another debate.

Another interesting point that needs to be made, instead of arming the people at the school, as many in the NRA push for, and having an old west shoot out with "Kevin", the school locked itself down, eliminating any opportunity for children to be harmed. It takes intelligence and quick reaction to protect one's self, and not might or weapons.

Karen was, and is, looking for a debate, and I have yet to see a logical and well thought out counter point to what she stated. So, is it that all that have read these blogs so far agree with her, and if so, why are you silent?

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