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It's Mueller Time...

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Once again our head local Trump-Supporter displays his incredibly bad timing. (FBI covering for Hillary & DNC) Oct 20, by Frank Aquilla. And like his hero Trump, going on a lengthy Hillary-did-it rant on the same day Special Prosecutor in the Trump-Russia Probe, Robert Mueller hands out two 12 count felony indictments on two Trump Campaign officials, Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and his associate Rick Gates, compelling both to turn in their multiple Passports and are now under House Arrest. Plus Mueller reveals his first GUILTY plea in the Trump-Russia Probe on another Campaign Official, Foreign Policy Advisor, George Papadopoulos. His crime? Lying to the FBI. What did he lie about? Yes, Colluding with the Russians. This was all kept secret since July when Papadopoulos was quietly arrested at the Airport and is now a "Proactive Cooperator". What does that mean? Well it could mean that old George has been meeting with Trump Administration Officials since his arrest, while all the time, wearing a "Wire". One Administration Official source said the Administration is freaking out about who he may have been talking to since his arrest. Of course like the Administration's M.O. for revelations like this, they have distanced themselves by claiming Papadopoulos was just a "Coffee runner" and not a "Paid" Administration player, like the claim that Manafort was just around for a little while and Flynn was just a bit player.

But wait, the Administration just got a little more than nervous with new revelations that Sam Clovis , Trump’s pick to become the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s chief scientist, withdrew his nomination on Thursday after it was revealed that he had a close personal relationship with Papadopoulos and has been cooperating with Mueller. Clovis who is not a scientist and like Trump, probably can't even spell "Science" was the "Paid" member of the Administration who gave kudos to Papadopoulos on his job working with the Russians... How is the Trump Administration going to distance themselves from Clovis now. They can't use that same old tired M.O. now, can they?

Have you noticed Pence is nowhere to be found? I suspect he is holed up in his Fortress Of Solitude boning up on the 25th. Amendment. Meanwhile the walls continue to close in...

Now lets see what Aquila is trying to feed us, shall we?

1. As usual, parroting his hero, Trump, Aquila makes more baseless allegations against Clinton with nothing even close to a substantiated claim. Again like Trump, tries in vain to blame the whole Dossier file on Trump/Russia activities put together by a British spy on the DNC and Clinton. Trump/Aquila claims it was all paid for by the DNC and Clinton but fails to mention it was started by a GOP candidate during the GOP primaries and was passed on the the DNC when the primaries were over. Trump/Aquila claim this is the real collusion but again fails to mention the Dossier file was put together by the British spy using Russian information, the DNC or Clinton did not directly meet with Russian officials to obtain the Dossier file as did, for example, the now infamous meeting at Trump Tower to obtain Russian Clinton dirt, attended by Don Jr., Kushner, Manafort and other Trump Administration Officials with Russian agents. Wonder why Trump/Aquila fails to mention that little fact? Can you say Hypocrisy? Sure you can....

2. Aquila brings up the whole ridiculous paranoid claim made by our Schizophrenic Tweeter-Tweaker-in-Chief, that President Obama had him wiretapped at Trump Tower. Wonder if he also sees dead people?

3. "..The media forced a special counsel investigation into Trump Administration Russian collusion.." No, that would be Trump Administration/Russian activities which caused the Justice Department to assign Mueller to the case. The media simply helped uncover some of these activities as they continue to do on an almost daily basis. They can't help what drove the Trump Administration to take part in these activities with the Russians.

4. Aquila once again brings up a dead and debunked subject, the great Hillary/Uranium/Clinton Foundation caper. The claim, as you have probably heard from the GOP multiple times over, "Clinton sold Russia 20 percent of America's Uranium to the Russians and in return the Russians donated half a million dollars to the Clinton Foundation". Just for kicks, lets perform a brief autopsy on this deader than dead issue. First of all, the sale of Uranium is not done by the State Department. When Uranium or any sensitive product is sold it has to be approved by an organization called CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment In The U.S.). All nine members of this committee have to approve the sale, Clinton was not one of these members. There was one donor to the Clinton Foundation who was the party identified as the source of the monies mentioned, which happened at a time when Clinton was NOT Secretary of State.

We could go on but we all recognize all of Aquila's rant for what it really is, just another failed attempt to draw attention away from the Russia/Trump Probe which as you must realize by now is just getting started. And now once again, It's Mueller Time...

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