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Defending the Indefensible

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A prime example of "Defending the Indefensible" is how I would describe a recent Letter To The Editor, (The Democrat KKK double standard) 8/21.. http://www.mantecabulletin.com/section/37/article/145944/ The writer takes us for a ride back into KKK history, 150 years or so, in a vain attempt to defend Donald Trump by blaming Democrats for his actions. It is true that the South was in the hands of the Democrats when the KKK came into power, but that was then and now is now. The South is now solid Republican and so is the KKK, there can be no doubt of the political affiliation of the KKK, White Nationalist Party and the White Supremacists, none. There can also be no doubt as to who the KKK, White Nationalist Party and the White Supremacists support, they have made it very clear it is Donald Trump. The writer knows this and so do the American People. About 60% of Republicans just don't care but about 80% of the entire Nation does.
Trump isn't some Racist Southern Senator or some Racist Southern Governor, he is President and his actions or non-actions matter, not only to Americans but to the world. His refusal to speak out against these Racist Groups is Indefensible, plain and simple. Stop trying to defend the indefensible, it just isn't possible and it only makes one less of a person and less of an American...

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