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Top 5 affordable surgeries in India

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From the past few years, India has become the preferred destination for medical tourist seeking affordable surgeries. Patients from across the world visit India to avail the benefits of affordable surgeries at the world-class facilities. Indian Healthguru Consultants is the prominent medical service provider in India having association with the JCI-accredited hospitals and medical centers that are renowned to offer impeccable and efficient healthcare services. You can get affordable surgeries in India comparatively with the West along with use of state-of the-art technology, services of expert doctors, surgeons, other medical staff, and treatments at trusted hospitals, quality infrastructure and special personalized care.
Check out the list of top 5 affordable surgeries in India with their complete details.

Dental Surgery

It is any number of medical procedures including the artificially modifying dentition i.e. surgery of the teeth and jaw bones. Dental care is something we learn from our elders everyday since childhoos. Carelessness in dental attention may cause serious damage to the teeth and land you in a dentist’s cabin. There are some instances when cleaning and brushing are not enough to address the more serious issues about the teeth and hence we head off to seek the services of dentists for the dental surgery in India. There are cosmetic reasons such as dental implant surgery and misalignment of the jaws. Finally, some people are gravitating towards the orthodontic dental surgery to correct the problems related to the bite and jaw displacement.

Eye Surgery

Eye surgery or ocular surgery or orogolomistician surgery is done on the eye or its adnexa by the eye surgeons who are highly skilled and hold extensive knowledge and wide experiences. Since eyes are the most sensitive organs in the body hence they need the best possible care at the top quality environment under the supervision of expert eye surgeons. The eye surgery technology at the Indian hospitals has come a long way. There are various types of eye surgery done in India.

Cardiac surgery

Cardiac surgery is a medical treatment of the disorders of the heart or the great vessels. The surgeons performing cardiac surgery are skilled and experienced. Often, the cardiac surgery is performed on the heart or great vessels to treat the complications of the ischemic heart disease, treat the valvular heart diseases caused by endocarditis and correct the congenital heart diseases. It also includes heart transplantation in case of heart failure. Cardiac surgery today has evolved into a service which is in demand everywhere especially in India. Operating on the most central organ of the body demands the best of technical skills, human resources, equipments and team efforts. The top cardiac surgery hospitals in India has become a speciality with the latest technological advances and ethical managemet practices.

Kidney Stone Surgery

The kidney stone surgery becomes essential where there is severe pain in the lower abdomen, pain during urination, etc. due to accumulation of mass of the insoluble calcium in the kidney and the tube draining into the bladder and the stone passes out during urination. The benefits of kidney stone surgery is that the patients get relieved from the pain during urination, lower abdominal pain, possible fever and infection, hematuria and other painful conditions related to the kidney stone. You may get several low cost packages for the kidney stone surgery in India as per the requirements of the individuals needing surgery. Also the cost comparison for the kidney stone surgery in India and the USA is worth noting since there is a huge difference between the pricings.

Heart Failure Surgery

The heart failure surgery in done in case the heart is unable to pump enough blood to the rest of the body and hence it cannot pump enough oxygen and nutrients to meet the requirements of the body. The heart surgeries are quite complicated and hence it is performed by specialists. The doctors in India have actively contributed to develop new ways for diagnosing and treating people with heart failure. Every year the doctors who are international trained in heart care evaluate and treat thousands of people with heart failure at the advanced facility in the hospitals that are specifically devoted to the advanced heart failure surgery.


You can also seek unprejudiced expert opinion through us regarding the surgeries, treatments, and your stay in India. At Indian Healthguru Consultants, we can help you plan your stay here including the pre and the post operative meetings with our doctors as well as schedule your appointment for surgery and your entire medical trip to India as per your convenience.



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