Remove Toughest Carpet Stains With Carpet Cleaners

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The festive season has started and every home is being decked up in the best manner for welcoming guests, relatives and friends. And when guests come, an additional tension comes with them. Guess what? Someone or the other will spill something on the floor for sure. Tiled floors, mosaic floors, wooden floors, marble floors, laminate floors etc are easy to clean. But what do you do if carpeting is the flooring in your house? Well, there is nothing to panic in such situations as there are solutions when something spills on your expensive carpet. If you cannot handle the problem on your own, you can always get in touch with a carpet cleaning company in Incline Village for the same. The professional companies have cleaning solutions for all carpet issues including pet odor cleaning services Incline Village.

Simple tip for removing carpet stain

You might have the best carpet cleaning stain removing solution handy in your house, which will work on the most stubborn stains. However, you can keep the spill damage under control by ensuring that you don’t rub or scrub the carpet too much. Instead of rubbing the carpet for stain removal, you should use some blotting technique for absorbing the liquid from the surface of the carpet. With blotting, the liquid does not penetrate into the fibers of the carpet and get absorbed quickly. Scrubbing will take the liquid further inside the carpet fibers. For blotting the liquid, you can use a clean and dry cloth or tissue papers. The best thing for blotting is terry toweling.

Handy carpet stain removing ingredients available readily in homes

•For stubborn stains like chocolate, tea, coffee, blood, wine etc
If by chance, stubborn stains develop on the carpet by spilling chocolate, coffee, tea, wine, blood and even vomit, they can be removed easily by following these strategies. If you carpet is made of wool or wool blends, use a detergent mix. For this, take ¼ teaspoon of clear detergent, which is non-bleaching in nature. You can use white vinegar as well. Add this to a quart of water and mix well. Apply this mixture on the stain for loosening it up. If the carpet is made of polypropylene, take one part of chlorine bleach and add it to 5 parts of water. This works excellently for tough stains. For carpets made with other materials, take 1 tablespoon of ammonia and mix it in one cup of water and apply on the stain to loosen up.

•For easier stains caused by spills of colas, sodas, jelly, ice cream and mud

Spills caused by these ingredients are regular and not very stubborn ones as well. Interestingly, for removing these stains, no special stain removers are recommended. You can use ¼ teaspoon of non bleaching clear detergent or white vinegar and add the same to approximately one quart of water. The mixture needs to be put generously on the stain and left for some time so that it gets absorbed and pulls out the stain from the carpet fibers thoroughly. Once the initial stains are removed and the festive season is over, look for a professional company offering steam cleaning services Incline Village and get the carpet thoroughly cleaned. This will enhance the life span of the carpet and keep it in good condition for long.

•Nail polish or synthetic stains

Spilling of nail polish is not uncommon, particularly if you have kids and teens in the family. Along with nail polish, other kinds of synthetic liquids are also available which cause stains when spilled on the carpet. Don’t panic on seeing the carpet stained with such items. Dip a cloth in generous amounts of nail polish remover and blot the area with the cloth. Nail paint gets easily removed with this tactic. Therefore it is highly recommended to keep a bottle of nail remover handy in your home as you might need it any time.

•Removing gum and candle wax

If you have carpet in your house, you will definitely have gum and candle wax stains on the same once in lifetime. Both these are nasty things to remove and need strategic planning. The wax or the gum need to be frozen and for that using ice blocks is the best thing to do. Once frozen, use a spoon or a knife for breaking the thing up and quickly use a vacuum cleaner for picking up the pieces.

•Oil and fat spills

While carrying the stuffed turkey to the Christmas dining table, you might spill oil and fat on the carpet by mistake. Instead of panicking, fetch a paper towel and place it on the oil and fat spill area immediately. Now iron the paper gently so that the heat draws out the oil and fat from the carpet easily. You might give the carpet a wash with detergent mix if the area of the stain is quite large. For smaller stains, this is not required.
With these tips, you can manage carpet stains quite conveniently without any kinds of hassles at home.

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