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This is the Un-edited letter to the Editor http://www.mantecabulletin.com/section/37/article/140168/

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I had to actually laugh out loud when I read the title of Mr. Aquila's latest entry into the absurd. ('The Donald' is acting presidential) 12/14/16.


Really Mr. Aquila? You don't even call your man "President Elect", you call him "The Donald" and you follow that up with "..is acting presidential"! If you made up that title then it suggests that even you can't take the man seriously and if it was made up for you, then someone doesn't take your letter seriously. But lets not argue about who killed who, lets examine what is Presidential about Aquila's #Gropenführer shall we?
Now if Aquila is suggesting that:
1. Making fun of the disabled.
2. Claiming that he can do whatever he pleases to a woman because he is famous.
3. That John McCain is not a hero because he was captured.
4. Picking a fight with a Gold Star family.
5. Keeping his tax returns secret.
6. Or even calling on Russia to hack an American Citizen to help him out in the election (Which apparently they did).
And doing all of that BEFORE the election.
1. Even after winning the election, claiming millions of people voted illegally for Clinton.
2. Selecting a known Alt-Right advocate, Steve Bannon, as his chief White House strategist and senior counselor.
3. Due to a lack of allotted space, I cannot list all of the Cabinet, known for obvious reasons as the #MotleyCrewOfPlunderMonkeys made up of Billionaires, Goldman Sachs Execs and
Generals, but suffice it to say virtually all of them are opposed to the very departments they will now lead. Rick Perry being the latest as head of the Department of Energy, remember
that guy? The guy who when running for his on bid for President, said that was one of three departments he would abolish (After forgetting that very Department at one of the debates).
4. Tweeting at all hours to attack anyone who dared oppose or make fun of him, such as SNL.
5. Tweeting attacks at specific companies such as Boeing, McDonald Douglas or Lockheed Martin, causing their market shares to plummet, causing them to lose Billions.
6. Using his private quarters as Transition Office space even though that office space has already been provided in Washington paid for by the Taxpayers, then charging the Government
for use of that space. Which is also costing millions upon millions for security both by the Secret Service and the city of New York police department. Doing all of this for only one
7. Refusing to disengage himself from his private business holdings which is an obvious con*flict of interest, stating: "...the president can't have conf*lict of interest.". By the way, having his
adult children run his companies is not a disengagement of interest.
8. Taking in millions from foreign countries using his hotels and countless other holdings and throwing it in the face of The Title of Nobility Clause, Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the
9. And a little something going on right now, Trump Tweet-Shaming the Intelligence community over the Russian Election Hacking and refusing to take the daily security briefing because in
his words, "I'm smart and don't need it"... Remember when another President didn't heed the Intelligence? We got 9/11...
I could go on but, like I said, a lack of allotted space. Anyway, if that is what Mr. Aquila calls "Acting presidential", then there is a vast difference in what a normal person would consider as such and it shows the obvious shallowness of Aquila's political and moral thought process. Aquila casts a further shadow on that process by defending Congressman Joe Wilson shouting “You lie" at President Obama's State Of The Union Address. Can you imagine President Obama, as a sitting Senator shouting something like that at President Bush? No? Neither can I, that is because he would have never done such a despicable thing.
Now about Carrier and that Ford Plant in Kentucky, first the Ford plant. After Trump made that announcement (Via Tweet of course), Ford stated that they never intended to move any jobs to Mexico from Kentucky in the first place. As for Carrier, (I went into detail on this subject in a previous letter not published but is in the blog) in short, Pence kept his day job as Governor of Indiana so he could have his Tax Board give Carrier $7 Million in tax incentives to save 800 jobs meanwhile Carrier would still fill those jobs at the expansion plant in Mexico which was already built plus move 1400 jobs to Mexico from another plant in nearby Huntington. Add to that, Carrier's parent company, United Technologies Corp. will continue to dip into the Pentagons bottomless trough in which it depends for Billions in contracts. Guess who gets even more contracts? When Chuck Jones, 1999 Steelworks union, spoke up, saying Trump "Lied his ass off", Trump quickly Tweeted (Of Course) that Jones ' Done a terrible job representing workers".
As for that "promised" 50 Billion and 50k jobs by a well known Japanese Showman, well you can trot out anyone to promise such a bogus claim, just as Trump himself promised that Great Wall that Mexico would pay for that will never get built, (His signature Campaign promise). But even if the jobs claim is realized (which it won't), Trump will need about 10k more announcements like that to even come close to the number of jobs saved by Obama when he rescued the entire American Auto Industry. Didn't hear Aquila say anything about that then did you?
Aquila once again calls for anyone who is opposed to Trump, to "Go back to their own country" because they "..must not be Americans.". Don't recall Aquila calling for Tea Party folks who carried signs saying "Not My President" to do the same, do you? Trump was the leader of the "Birther" movement intended to illegitamize the entire Obama Presidency , don't recall Aquila calling for Trump to go back anywhere on that one, do you?
Anyway, I have a suggestion for everyone, if you find yourself feeling a little depressed during the Holiday Season, just stand up and say "Trump is acting Presidential!". Everyone will laugh and you will feel much better. You're welcome! And happy Holidays....

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