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Using competitive research for gaining advantages

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The new age of globalization has placed the end consumer in charge of what they need or want. This has been especially true for the medical tourism industry wherein a medical tourist chooses from the myriad destinations, doctors and facilities, etc. for their treatments. If you wish to stay ahead of all this competition, it is essential that you be the first preference for the clients. After that you need to opt for the competitive research in order to make the right market decisions which will help you stand out from the crowd. Here are few tips to help you make the right competitive strategy which will help you gain a stronghold in the medical tourism industry.

Create a unique strategy

Your strategy to attract the medical tourists should be unique and difficult or impossible to duplicate by the competitors. This can be done first by identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Further identify the potential opportunities and threats you may experience in the market. All these factors will help to determine your current stand in the market place and help you create a unique strategy which will help you gain more attention with customer since you are not duplicated by others.

Concentrate on making customers return

Most medical centers tend to make a grave mistake of simply trying to attract new customers rather than trying to retain the old ones. Often these centers work by the principle of “selling surgeries, beds and tests” instead of providing an emotionally rich experience for their customers. All these would make the centers get lucky with a few patient acquisitions that would soon run out and leave them failing miserably and blaming the market conditions for their loss.
Your competitive strategy should take into account the existing customers and incorporate the ways for retaining them while finding our new ways to attract new customers. This approach will help you to gain more traction on the medical tourism market which will leave your competitors behind thereby become the most sought after option by the medical tourists.

Make use of Social Media to gain Customers

Social Media has emerged as one of the best promoters for business today. Your competitive strategy should have plans to make good use of the social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and other sites for gaining more customers as well as promote your business significantly. You should post regular pictures, articles, videos and useful insights on these sites and ask for customer feedback on your services. This will help you find out the areas for improvement. Staying active on social media is the most effective way to stay ahead of the competition in any field these days, including the medical tourism.

Keep Clear Prices

A lot of medical tourism centers do not provide a breakdown of the costs they levy on the customer for treatments. Provide a clear and precise breakdown of the costs for your customers right from the start of the treatment to the time to return back home. The prices should reflect a fixed as well as variable cost for each procedure or service you offer. Ensure to include all hidden costs pertaining to factors such as conferences, insurer contracts, international patient department, website creation, translation and interpreter services. All these will ensure there is no scope for any issue creeping in when promoting your medical tourism.

Competitive research is necessary to make your company stand out in the medical tourism market. Accurate and proper research will help to make right decisions to grow and thrive in the medical tourism industry.




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