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What If Your Uber Driver Has Been Drinking?

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Here is the scenario: You were at one of the biggest games of the year. You had a ball! You ate too much and you also drank too much. You drove to the game, but now you feel like you may be a little too tipsy to be driving back home. Call up the popular Uber car company, but when you get in the car, he smells like he’s been doing his own celebrating. To make matters worse, there are empty beer cans in the car! What do you do next?


Believe it or not, this wasn’t just a make-believe scenario. This actually took place, during the Super Bowl weekend. Now, some may have heard about the 51 drivers that were picked up for DUI in Maryland. But, what about the Uber driver that was arrested for drunk driving in Southern California? And, he was on his way to pick up a customer. Does this picture look right to you?

The Uber driver, Robert Wing had already transported a few passengers, when he was pulled over by police. The Simi Valley Police Department claim that Robert told the officer that he was going to make a little extra money, after watching the Super Bowl at the bar. Not only was this a bad decision, but the Uber driver wasn’t aware of where he was because he was intoxicated. The only way he was able to get around was thanks to his GPS. He clearly wasn’t in the condition to be driving, let alone drive other innocent people around.

According to The Los Angeles Times, police also found two empty beer cans inside of Robert’s vehicle. One of the cans was a Coors Light that was underneath the driver’s seat. Afterwards, Robert’s vehicle was impounded. The incident took place around 2 a.m. on Monday. It was obvious that this would be the last time that Robert would be driving for Uber, after the company released a statement that said, when it comes to a driver using alcohol or drugs while driving, there is zero-tolerance on their Uber platform. They stressed how they were disappointed to discover that this incident took place with someone working for them and the driver’s account access has been permanently removed.

Police said they noticed something strange, when the driver began to slow down as he approached the light. One patrol officer said that this, along with not having a license plate on the front of the vehicle were two “flags”. When the police pulled over Robert and questioned him, he told them that he was in route to pick up a customer. He also informed the police that he was a driver for Uber. The police also learned that he had transported 2 or 3 additional customers.

This is an alarming discovery, because a lot of people use Uber for this very reason. If someone is out and having too much to drink, they believe they can call on the transport company for a safe ride home, versus driving themselves. The biggest concern is what if the customer that called for a ride is impaired as well? Will you be able to make the right decision of riding along with someone that may have been drinking too much also? Police reported that Robert’s blood-alcohol level was approximately 0.25%. This is more than three times the legal limit in California (0.08%).

Be Prepared

With reports like this, people are quick to ask what options they have. The best response is to cover yourself and have a backup plan. Instead of assuming that some unknown person has your best interest at hand, it is important to do whatever is possible to stay out of harm’s way. One of the best steps to take is to always have an alcohol test kit at your disposal. And, this isn’t some bulky device that needs its own pouch to be carried around. There are new alcohol test kits that are about the same size as an alcohol wipe. You can simply carry it in your purse or wallet and never have to worry again about being able to drive yourself home. It seems as if you may have to carry one kit to test and make sure that your driver isn’t intoxicated. Even if that is not possible, you can still quickly test yourself and determine if you have had too many drinks and if you can get behind the wheel.

Along with having your alcohol test kit, it is necessary to have someone that you can contact after having too much to drink. Sometimes it can be a close friend or a co-worker. Someone that doesn’t mind giving you a ride home, after you have went over your limit. It is a lot easier to put trust into someone that you have a relationship with and know, versus a stranger providing a random ride home.

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