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Teachers are the custodians of students’ lives, their career and prosperity. Children tend to look for aspiration from these figures and follow them as mentor. What we have gone through in the past centuries is somewhat not applicable in this part of the world. Teachers were not trained or educated enough to make their own stand. They were depending on other forces like academic coordinators. Now, a teacher who teaches in this twenty-first century cannot overlook the needs and requirements of each and every individual. Knowing that every child has its own potential and classroom is filled with multiple intelligences, teachers are bound to apply academics on a unanimous basis.


• Student centered classroom and lessons:

Teachers who have adequate experience in the field and are trained to the extent that they know what’s right and wrong know the importance of student centered classrooms. All the focus is laid on the learners and teachers play their role as a mentor or facilitator. This entire process of taking learners as the target enables teachers to design lesson plans accordingly.

• Teachers produces best career for students:

Best trained teachers are those who are well aware of the phenomenon of producing many experts in future. They also know the significance of how teachers are the custodians of the ideology of producing best professionals in future.

• Integration of audio-visual and technology:

Audio-visual aids and technology has to be embedded in academics. This is one of the core assets of a trained teacher. Not every teacher will be able to understand the utility of audio visual and technology in academics.

• Mobile applications and social media:

Applications on mobile phones can do wonders in comprehending different topics of study.Use of social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc. makes discussions easy.

• Synchronization of projects:

Projects are supposed to be synchronized in accordance to the real life situations. They shouldn’t be something out of this world which doesn’t even have any implication. Teachers who are well trained need to understand the real essence of getting a project from children.

• Be innovative:

Innovative ideas from teachers are always appreciated. Be open to the new ideas generated by students. Give due advantage and never underestimate the power of young children who are ready to fight the world with their knowledge.


There are number of training programs which are offered by different universities and places. Cambridge and Oxford Universities are the pioneers in proposing courses of various time frames. ICELT (In-service Course for English Language Teachers) is one of the prerequisites to apply in many good schools. Therefore, requirement of a trained teacher is much more in demand as compared to those who are not trained according to the current need of the students.

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