The Paid Sick Leave Act in California

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According to recent reports, a predicted 6.5 million employees all over California have qualified for paid sick leave for the very first time on the 1st of July, 2015. As per the Healthy Workplace Healthy family Act of 2014, which was introduced by Lorena Gonzalez and D-San Diego, member of Assembly, three days of payable sick leaves have been guaranteed for all workers in California who has worked for 1 month of more than that within a year of starting their employment with the respective company.

California has finally joined the increasingly large number of jurisdictions that mandated the employers to offer sick leaves to the employees even when they are part-time or temporary workers. There were 2 dates in mind, 1st of January and 1st of July and while it wasn’t introduced on the former date, the latter date was later chosen.

The eligibility criteria – Who are the lucky ones?

Both full-time and part-time employees can start off with taking such sick leaves, provided they’ve worked for the same employer for about 90 days. The business firms that weren’t giving a day-off with payment were those that hired workers at a low wage per hour and this happened mostly in restaurants and retail shops. Folks who were barely getting by were the ones who were being targeted. Hence, they are the ones who will gain from this decision.

What does the law claim?

After the law has come into effect, business organizations will need to show the number of hours of paid sick leaves that the workers have already earned on their pay stubs. The employers have the choice to allow the workers to accumulate 1 hour of paid sick leave for every month 30 hours that they’ve worked or they can even grant three days of sick leaves with pay upfront with the agreement of using them for a period of 1 year. Irrespective of the size of the company, businesses need to offer this benefit to its employees, as according to the law.

According to Gonzalez, they just want the employers to know that taking such paid leaves is not an option for the employees and they can’t be penalized for using them. They can’t be suddenly fired on the grounds of cutting their working hours. It’s vital for them to know that they have earned those leaves and can use them.

People’s reactions to the California law

The law is being pleasantly welcomed by majority of the Californians, especially all those parents who have been finding it really tough to take care of their kids without getting such paid leaves. Rosemary Sellers reported that her daughter went out for work leaving her sick child at home only because she wouldn’t be compensated for the day. But now that the new law has come into effect, she can take care of her child and also get compensated. The parent who is loyal at work should also be given a chance to be loyal to their children and family.

If you’re an employer in California, Massachusetts, Connecticut or the District of Columbia, you are bound by the new laws on paid sick leaves. In case, you find any glitches to the execution of the law, you may get in touch with a personal injury lawyer San Francisco and ask for legal help.

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