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Its Just Political Theater
Last comment by TheSovereign 4 years, 4 months ago.

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We are now hearing the drum beats of military intervention from our current President. He and his administration are building a case to intervene in the Syrian uprising. The Secretary of State, John Kerry is telling us that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons on its own people, and that we should act upon this action.

I have been quite consistent on my opinions of military use and military expense. I personally believe that, unless we are attacked by another nation, we have no business getting involved with another nation's civil unrest. It's a part of the American principle that was established by the founders and early political leaders, as is laid out in this quote by John Quincy Adams, when he stated: "America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own." Anything else would be un-American.

I have had conversations with Liberals, Conservatives, and with Libertarian leaning individuals of late, and I have heard some interestingly contrasting opinions on the subject of Syria. Some have said that since we are the most powerful nation in the world, we have a responsibility to protect the weak of the world. A nobel thought in my opinion, but not in line with established American principles. To contrast this reasoning, is the thought that if we didn't waste $670 billion a year on this massive military complex, we would not have to take on the responsibility of protecting the "weak" of the world.

At this time, I personally do not think that the President is looking to take us into another con.flict over seas, but rather is using the military action rhetoric to control the conversation going on in Washington. I have been pretty consistent on calling what will happen in politics, and its not about being clairvoyant, but rather looking at the little things that are being reported that are not in the headlines. I think that we can do some of that here to get past the perception and see what the reality holds.

As I stated, at this time, I believe the President is controlling the conversation in politics by using the "Bully Pulpit". For quite some time the extremists in Congress and other political leaders across the country have been controlling the conversation from "Birtherism" to spending cuts and revenues, to limiting civil rights and eliminating protective healthcare insurance regulation, to cutting viable programs that assist the general public. If you have been paying attention, the big conversation of late was the debt limit, and how the extremists in Congress are going to shut down the government in order to get what they want. Clearly a hostage situation, and one that was dominating the political rhetoric. Then the conversation began to change, and a new feeding frenzy had hit the corporate airwaves, Miley Cyrus. Yep, the former Hanna Montana 20 year old who challenged the paradigms of the older generation with her performance on the MTV VMA awards show. Please note that a 20 year old did things on MTV that rattled the older generation, how unique. What should have been a one day conversation turned into a week long conversation, but the press was bored with the debt ceiling conversation due to the fact that it won't happen until mid-October.

So as the press was transitioning away from political extremist talking points, to celebrity extremist talking points, the President seized the moment, and took control of the conversation with Syria. It is a great opportunity for any President to appear as if they are a strong President, not willing to stand by while innocent people are killed with unconventional weapons anywhere in the world. We have the Secretary of State saying that he has proof that chemical weapons were used on the people of Syria, and after all, we all know that Saddam had chemical weapons that he moved to Syria, right? Isn't that what we were told once we realized there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after we invaded that country? And how did we know that Saddam had chemical weapons? We sold them to him back in the 1980's, and he used them on the Kurds and the Iranians, so obviously he had them at one time, and they were gone when we arrived. It is just an opportunity for the administration to use this line of reasoning in order to make their case, to imply that there are chemical weapons in Syria, and it appears to be working.

By taking control of the on going political conversation, the President is forcing the extremely unpopular, "Do Nothing" Congress, to act upon something, whether they wanted to or not. Instead of just attacking Syria, which is out of the scope of the President's Constitutional responsibility, he has gone to Congress, and has instructed them to vote on a resolution giving the President to power to act militarily, which falls in line with the Constitutional process.

If you think about this whole series of events, it is great kabuki theater. It is after all, Congress' responsibility to declare war, but they have been negligent in wanting to take the responsibility. Instead, in the past they have given the President the power to engage in military action at his own decision. We as citizens have seen this play before, just recently as a matter of fact, where a President makes the case that he needed the power to act militarily if the actions on the ground warrant so, and once Congress voted to allow those powers, that President went ahead and used them on what we know to be unproven charges. We all saw how well that all worked out, and it wasn't good.

So knowing that the American people are weary of that line of reasoning due to the fact they were lied to once before, the President just needs to keep the conversation at a simmer as opposed to a boil. He needs to keep Congress outside of their comfort zone and forcing many to make statements contrary to how they actually feel, or how they have represented themselves.

The Republicans of late have been very Hawkish, and now they have to speak out against showing military might. By making them vote on the resolution, they will then be on the public record as to where they stand on using military force. Senator Jeff Flake (R) from Arizona, has complained why should the Republicans be forced to vote on this resolution? He is claiming that this is just a political move, and in my opinion, he may be correct, but if you want to play in politics, and Mr. Flake does, you have to expect other politicians will do the same. Thats how the game works. The goal here on the President's part could be to push the American citizen's willingness to accept military action to the point of such distastefulness that they turn against any idea of any type of intervention in foreign lands. Possibly these are the first steps towards the Doves rising above the Hawks.

Another little tidbit that I found was an article that stated the Syrian forces were being dispersed, and their heavy weapons were being bunkered. It appears by what this article was saying is that the saber rattling by the administration is having an effect in Syria. The seed of doubt was planted, and now it is starting to grow to the point that the Syrian leaders believe an attack may be imminent, causing them to limit any actions on their part in the uprising.

This reminds me of back in the 1980s when the Reagan administration started pushing for the Stealth Bomber and the Stealth Fighters, and their budget busting mega-expense to build and maintain. We were promised elite futuristic war machines that could fly into enemy airspace undetected. This was seen as a deterrent to other countries actions of aggression because if they acted up, they would not be able to defend themselves against sneak attack from the American air force. Comedian, Robin Williams, in one of his stand up routines at the time stated - why build it, just tell everyone that you have it. How would they know otherwise, just the thought of the US having them should work in keeping everyone in check, and save us billions of dollars. Seems to me to be the same logic being applied here, we don't have to attack a country to get results, we just say we are going to attack, and we get results. After all, which is worse, getting hit, or the thought of getting hit? That will only work for so long, though.

So, lets say Congress goes ahead and votes in favor of the resolution, now what does the President do? In my opinion, he rattles swords and waits. If action is all of a sudden required for some strange reason, he has a number of cruise missiles launched at military installations in Syria, away from civilians. Otherwise, he just waits for when mid-October arrives and the Debt Ceiling debate begins, all the while maintaining control of the conversation. How does he explain his slow down on action, and his waiting to act? Russia. Russia is an ally with Syria, and like any ally, they are stepping up their rhetoric to stop US intervention. They have even sent three warships to the Gulf Region to show resistance to US intervention.

There has been other drama playing out with Russia of late, which makes the case for the type of reasoning that they will stand up to us and make us explain ourselves on the world stage. This gives the President and the administration an opportunity to pause and let cooler heads prevail. Again, keep in mind that the goal is to eat up time that would otherwise be spent on talking and planning the Debt Limit debate, by focusing on Syria. In an article titled "Could Syria Lead To Fiscal Armageddon Back Home?", there is a line that states: "All of which means the debate over military action will eat up part of the calendar next week." and this line: "“Instead of coming into session next week and diving right into a budget debate, we will be debating Syria and budget issues will be on the back burner,” said a senior Democratic aide. “This means that after Syria is finished, the [government funding] debate will be extremely compressed and the debt limit debate will be shorter.”"

So, here I make a case that this is a game of political manipulation that plays out like a drama that captures the national conversation of its people. It's mind games on a grand stage playing out in front of us, requiring all to participate in it. The press is having a feeding frenzy, and the pollsters are out in full swing. I saw where 50% of the American people polled are against military intervention. So I guess that means the other 50% are for it. With the American people divided on any action, the President risks little by making this case, and then backing down in the end. And if Congress votes no, he acknowledges that the American people have spoken, and that we will begin the slow walk back to a peace time military with a reduced, peace time budget.

In the end, both Parties are playing along for one simple reason: "Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.), who switched his stance on the authorization to use military force in Syria from "yes" to "no," is trying to raise money off of his switch, according to an email blast he sent out Thursday." Its about the money, and both sides are doing it. You can pick either side of the argument and the Congressmen can fund raise off of it. Both Parties are raising money off of this debate, and the longer it goes on, the more they will collect. Drama sells.

Keep in mind that if the President does take action, the cost of the action will move the Debt Ceiling vote up to September as opposed to mid-October.

It's just political theater.





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TheSovereign commented on Tuesday, Sep 10, 2013 at 01:23 AM

Syria Endgame Takes Dramatic Turn"

""I don't anticipate that you would see a succession of votes this week or anytime in the immediate future," Obama said. "So I think there will be time during the course of the debates here in the United States for the international community, the Russians and the Syrians to work with us and say is there a way to resolve this.""


TheSovereign commented on Tuesday, Sep 10, 2013 at 01:25 AM

"Early Reaction: White House Found ‘Life Raft’ In Russia’s Syria Offer"

"President Obama had to pull back on Syria. That's the initial reaction from Capitol Hill as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid delayed a vote on authorization for military strikes in Syria and Obama signaled he was open to a diplomatic solution to the crisis."


TheSovereign commented on Friday, Sep 13, 2013 at 02:44 AM

"Russian President Vladimir Putin penned an article calling for the U.S. government, which is considering launching a military strike on Syria for alleged war crimes, to use restraint in the Middle East."


rozemist commented on Friday, Sep 13, 2013 at 11:34 AM

Hi Sovereign
I've been following this all closely as well , and am just disgusted with it all.
Political Games is right,all of them acting like children ,sorry but the President is at the top of the list on this one...
I'm fed up with the United States getting in*volved with other countries especially civil wars ,and backing the opposition we've been there done that and we know the end results.
The rebels in this case are no better then the Syrian Government (Putin was right to call Kerry a liar) ,so let them fight their war and settle it between themselves ,this is how it is meant to be.
They don't really know who used the gas on those people,there is no absolute proof it could be either,or both.
Do you realize how many Countries all over the world are having con*flicts amongst themselves ,where people are dying all of the time ,are we to go to each Country and "fix it" is that really what we want to do because it appears that is what the American Government wants ,but albeit not the American People!
The President has in the past slammed Bush and the Republicans for getting us in*volved in wars ,well is he any better.
Kerry is chomping at the bit to get us over there so we can bomb something,bomb anything..
We have SO many issues here in the United States that need our Governments full attention and our own Country needs help we have no jobs,people are doing without food to eat.. imagine that right here in the United States we have children going hungry.We have the old and the sick with no money,no insurance.Their cutting the very programs that help these people to the bone.
This is where our Government needs to commit to helping here ,not foreign countries that have been warring since the dawn of time.
Let these Countries take care of their own ,how would we feel if other Countries decided to come here and run our business,I can tell you for sure the United States would NOT stand for it.
The American people have got to stand up and say No More ,enough is enough.
These wars are breaking us ,we are stretched financially to the brink.
I'm tired of our men and women going over there all of the time for this type of thing.
I don't believe they won't put troops on the ground ,maybe they are trying to delude themselves but you know how it always starts and then how it always ends.

rozemist commented on Friday, Sep 13, 2013 at 11:38 AM

Did I say I was disgusted with it all,(actually that's an understatement) :)

crimeriddendump commented on Monday, Sep 16, 2013 at 19:41 PM

That would be "champing" at the bit, not chomping. But then again, no one here cares about facts and reality, so, I would think grammar and language are pretty far down on the list for the average MB reader. So, who cares.

Anyway, seems like a brilliant move from the President. Who else could get a bunch of war crazy representative laden with defense contractor campaign bucks to say a war was a bad idea? Only Obama; and all he had to do was agree with them ...

Next up is the debt ceiling. I think Obama should come out saying we need a 2% reduction in the debt ceiling and Congress will raise it by 4%.

rozemist commented on Monday, Sep 16, 2013 at 23:18 PM

Ah crimeriddendump I've been away so long but as one average MB reader to another so glad to see some things remain the same when other's are moving on.
It's nice to know you'll always be a constant here at our Manteca bulletin even when most of us aren't any longer. It's quite comforting to know that you have such a close connection with the Manteca bulletin
Yes true my grammar isn't perfect by any means, but I don't think I was too far off on this one most people do use chomp not champ at the bit
But the correct grammar would be champ
SO thank you so much for your input I really appreciate it


crimeriddendump commented on Tuesday, Sep 17, 2013 at 10:53 AM

Good point rozemist! Perhaps the Manteca Bulletin's motto should be "Well, everyone else says it so it MUST be true!"

Again, seems reality is not as important as imagination in Manteca. How sad.

KarenPearsall commented on Wednesday, Sep 18, 2013 at 14:15 PM

Hello crimeriddendump, What I find sad is your either inability or unwillingness to read another person's comments without distortion. If you go back and re-read rozemist's post you will see (whether you choose to acknowledge it or not) that she actually conceded your point on the correct use of grammar in the instance you referenced. Instead, you seem to deliberately misrepresent her comments in order to deliver another slap at The Manteca Bulletin and the city in general. Rozemist never implied that "everyone else says it so it MUST be true!", she simply noted that the use of "chomping at the bit", rather than the admittedly correct phrase of "champing at the bit" was a common error. I, myself, have been guilty of this misuse, so I get her point. She is not claiming that "chomping" is correct merely because it is widely used. What is more interesting to me, is a person's thoughts on the blog's subject, rather than a grammar lesson. We all make errors, misspellings, and typos, including yourself. As to the subject of this blog, I actually think that the U.S. "posturing" had the desired effect - Syria's chemical weapons will now be in the hands of U.N. inspectors and be dismantled. I don't want U.S. military intervention in the never-ending quagmire that is the Middle East, but use of chemical weapons on one's own citizens needs more than a collective world hand-wringing or condemning resolutions. The non-military outcome being negotiated (so far)is the best option, in my opinion. Sincerely, Karen

KarenPearsall commented on Wednesday, Sep 18, 2013 at 14:22 PM

To all readers, I'm sorry if my above post is hard to read. I haven't written anything on the computer in so long that I am completely rusty and have forgotten how to make paragraphs!

Good news! I have, through trial and error, finally figured it out. I didn't want to risk erasing my previous post,so I didn't experiment. Hopefully, any future comments of mine will be more reader-friendly. Sincerely (and unfortunately technologically -challenged), Karen

crimeriddendump commented on Thursday, Sep 19, 2013 at 21:29 PM

Hello KarenPearsall,

I don't know. The Manteca Bulletin says schools like Great Valley Academy are successful even though facts suggest the exact opposite. The Bulletin must be correct here, right? The City Council keeps pushing this Great Wolf buddy deal with pie-in-the-sky numbers while ignoring the last big promise lay half vacant outlet mall almost right across the freeway. But,I guess the city knows better than everyone else. Dennis Wyatt keep pushing SSJID propaganda down everyone throat and telling us that POSION is perfectly OK to drink. What does the EPA know anyway when Dennis Wyatt is here to tell us that really, it's not that bad after all. Oh, and let's just publish Tea Party political nonsense from Frank Aquila because he's never been wrong before ...

Everyone makes mistakes. Nowhere else are more mistakes concentrated then in the virtual and actual pages of the Manteca Bulletin.

crimeriddendump commented on Friday, Sep 20, 2013 at 14:13 PM

Oh, and I'll just forgo proofreading or correcting anything after I type because really, who cares; this is only Manteca after-all.

KarenPearsall commented on Friday, Sep 20, 2013 at 15:05 PM

Hello crimeriddendump, You miss my point. I am not saying that you were wrong to correct rozemist's common error. What I take issue with is the fact that instead of addressing one individual's inadvertent grammatical mistake, you seem intent on extrapolating that one "hiccup" as a reflection of and generalization about all or most of Manteca. Antagonistic and insulting statements like "no one here cares about fact and reality" and "grammar and language are pretty far down on the list for the average MB reader" are based on what- ONE persons's grammatical slip-up?
I agree with many of your sentiments about SSJID Bulletin coverage, Great Wolf propaganda, and the paper's often blatant bias. However, to tie your dissatisfaction with these tactics to rozemist's comments is over-reach and a disservice to her. We will just have to agree to disagree, since I think spending any more time on this detracts from the blog's subject matter and is a waste of TheSovereign's efforts to spark thoughtful discussion. Sincerely, Karen

crimeriddendump commented on Saturday, Sep 21, 2013 at 12:02 PM

Hi KarenPearsall,

The topic of this blog is political theater. I feel my discussion is very pertinent. I content that the Manteca Bulletin manipulates the "news" it publishes to slant it to favor the editor's and publisher's political bias. They are able to achieve this due to the average Manteca resident being either too inept to understand they are being manipulated, or, too lazy to care.

Manteca is one of the saddest examples of political theater. Charlatans calling themselves city leaders and pastors are just fleecing the city. All of this under the cries of "freedom" and "religion" when really, there is nothing but a motivation to line their own pockets at the expense of everyone else.

Oh well! Keep drinking that ARSENIC, Dennis Wyatt says it's not that bad for you. When you're ready to actually try and make Manteca a better place, let me know.

crimeriddendump commented on Saturday, Sep 21, 2013 at 12:08 PM

Oh, how is that new "train" and "bus" station working out?? I hear Dennis Wyatt says it is best one in the land! Who would have thought that the major problem with bus and train stations was all hustle and bustle from actual trains and busses????

TheSovereign commented on Saturday, Sep 21, 2013 at 16:41 PM

I have to agree that the subject matter that CRD brings up are examples of what my blog was about, it's just that it was presented in such a combative way that its become more about the commenter and not the comment.

I wouldn't say that the good people of Manteca or the Nation for that fact are inept or lazy to care. Our culture to some degree still want to believe that the press is still non-biased, and that they investigate and expose the back room dealings that are a part of corruption. People trusted Walter Cronkite, and saw what Woodward and Bernstein investigated and they believe that this is still going on in this corporately owned media. John Stewart just spoofed CNN on the reporting of the recent shooting at the Navy yard. News these days is either about chasing ratings or promoting an agenda.

Its all done incrementally so it works its way into the conversation. Keep repeating a lie and eventually the lie will be come the truth. This is the format for Fox News, (Bengazi, anyone?) and all cable news appears to have an agenda whether it is about a political movement, or just chasing rating like CNN. Now, reporting is just throwing things at the wall, and running with what sticks. If you are one to be stuck in traffic, you will hear the same blurp of information every half hour on your car radio. Eventually the lie sticks.

On a local level concerning the MB, I cannot say it enough times, this publication was originated as a means to promote commerce in the area, and most specifically, the SSJID, and nothing about that has changed over the years. It may look as if I am splitting hairs or playing with semantics, but the MB is less a newspaper and more a promotional guide with some local, State and National news added in to draw you to it on a daily basis.

The Great Wolf is just a corporation and it works with the MB to promote it's desired endeavor. That would be true with Bass Pro, and Field of Dreams, Walmart and any other corporation that wants to promote itself in this town. Its not promoting what is good for the people of Manteca, because the pool of customers comes from a larger area than just Manteca.

Now, the commuter station is one of those things that are not for the benefit of a corporation, but rather the citizens. I agree that it seems a little silly to build it with the hopes that they will come, but the same could be said of East Union High School when it was built. From what I was told, the school was build out in an orchard away from the population mass. Sometimes city leaders need to have vision and foresight. This is something that has been lost by this generation. Too often city leaders like to think that running a city is like playing SimCity, and you end up with Lathrop. A city with roads and sewers but city blocks with no houses.

TheSovereign commented on Saturday, Sep 21, 2013 at 16:42 PM

Instead of harping on the MB and its lack of journalistic integrity, you can either, don't buy it, like I have chosen to do, or do what has been a hallmark of this nation, and start your own competitive local newspaper, and bring the people of Manteca the truth.

TheSovereign commented on Saturday, Sep 21, 2013 at 17:02 PM


You stated: "As to the subject of this blog, I actually think that the U.S. "posturing" had the desired effect - Syria's chemical weapons will now be in the hands of U.N. inspectors and be dismantled." So, my question to you is, does the end justify the means? The posturing may have led to the desired end result, but is it our place to do this, and as I had tried to make a point that our founding principles say it isn't our place, why would we go against our principles?

I tried to make a lot of intertwining connections with this blog. Its too easy for us to justify what we do, and how and why we did it. We allow ourselves to be convinced that its the right thing to do at that moment, based on the information that we are provided. This blog was more about being manipulated by the system in order to control the conversation, and to keep the average citizen focused on something that will eventually die off and be a non factor so as to not be involved in the bigger picture.

We try too hard to want to believe our leadership is looking out for all of us, and we keep forgetting that the money class has taken over and we are now seeing the effects. The money has more power than anyone man, and until we get a movement started to limit the money in our politics, our politics will not change. One of the purposes of our Federal Government is to regulate commerce between the States, if commerce is controlling Government, and commerce wants no regulations, then we get no regulations. Look at how the newly instituted health insurance regulations are being demonized, even though its for the benefit of the consumer.

Until the time comes when we are able to get the money and corruption out of our politics, then the best advice I can give is Caveat emptor, let the buyer beware.

crimeriddendump commented on Sunday, Sep 22, 2013 at 11:30 AM

Hi TheSovereign,

I completely disagree with your description of the transient (sic) station. If you think it was built to benefit ANYONE other than the developer who built it, you've been drinking a bit too much Manteca tap water.

Oh, and I would start a competing publication. Problem is that the MB CLEARLY receives more funding from SSJID than it does actual subscribers or other advertising. Just look at the old Lathrop Sun-Post. The Sun-Post was a well written, objective publication that SSJID did not care for, so, it cornered them out of the market by throwing money at the Bulletin and telling the politicians it held in its pockets to refuse any access to the paper.

The truth is that SSJID and Big-Agriculture have a stranglehold on Manteca, Stockton, Modesto and the rest of the central valley. Taking our tax dollars and putting them in their own pockets calling it subsidies when it is nothing more than corporate welfare. Poisoning our water and saying it is the EPA's fault for trying to destroy "our way of life." Holding bond money hostage and calling it an "energy savings" when really, it is our money in the first place.

It is amazing how this region has pulled the wool over everyone's eyes. Making folks think we are still in the dustbowl, that farmers are still in dirty overalls suckling on mothers milk to get by. We are a long way away from the Grapes of Wrath here. Farmers now drive Bentleys, wear Rolex watches and haven't worked in a field for years, if ever.

Ever wonder why the new Amazon distribution center is way WAY out in Patterson rather then Rough and Ready island in Stockton where it would make 1000 times more sense? Ask Big-Ag and their representative in Stockton Bob Dies. Bobby didn't want to rock the boat with his "poor farmer" constituents ... eeeeerrrrr major donors. Funny how he drives the city into bankruptcy and nothing comes of it.

Look at former Manteca political hack Steve Pinkerton. He's up in Davis now trying his best to ruin that city and get his Agriculture boys more ingrained there. He quickly fired the city's only tree trimming service and hired one that was owned by his buddies. He also did this right after the city passed a special ordinance (Measure D) that was specifically for tree trimming costs. Or, how Pinkerton swindled Davis into giving away farmland to big farmers as opposed to developing the land for the economic benefit of the city.

Oh well. No one is going to do anything about ti because the people of Manteca lack the motivation or acclimation, or acumen to do or care about this in the slightest. The average Manteca resident instead chooses to focus on repealing Obamacare for the 50th time or how much they dislike people with dark skin colors. The whole thing is more pathetic everyday.

TheSovereign commented on Thursday, Sep 26, 2013 at 03:47 AM


Look into our history, at least since the start of the 20th Century, and you will see where the President will move the conversation to foreign affairs in order to change the subject. Its an area that the Constitution gives the President responsibilities, and it allows him to change direction. This President is just following in the footsteps of his predecessors. I can understand your dissatisfaction with this President for using a tried and true method, because we thought "change" meant a higher standard was being implemented, and that does not appear to be true with his actions in this case. It appears to be more of the same.

In the end, nothing really has happened except for Syria is now able to get rid of their old and unstable chemical weapons that they thought they were stuck with (or could fall into the hands of the armed "rebels-terrorist-extremsists" opposition), for no cost to them. Russia has now rebuilt it's image on the world stage and can be seen as a mediator in world issues. Here in America, the subject is now turning to fiscal theatrics. Is Sen. Cruz done telling fables, and kids stories to the American people?

My disgust comes not from the talk of military action, because I can see where there is no upside for the President for going to war. I see it all as posturing while controlling the clock. As Karen has pointed out, the posturing has changed the dynamic to some degree, but why put the American people though all of the theatrics?

"Speak softly, and carry a big stick."
U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt

There was never an intent of war here, just the President using a "big stick". Another thing I reasoned in my blog is that this whole theatrics was also a means to measure Americans will for more military action. Getting more negative reviews than positive ones gives them a view as to what the population on a whole feel about any more military actions.

Knowing that the Sequestration is going to last for some time to come, there is a large chunk of spending being removed from the military budget. This gives the President the reason to start speaking of reducing the size of the military, especially since the two wars are ending and our military will be coming home. They have to find ways to find savings in order to meet the reduction in revenue.

What ever the reason, I was looking to be moving away from bravado and flexing to a real focus at making things work. I saw one guy who thought differently not only change his company, but changed a whole industry. It would have been nice if this President thought differently.

rozemist commented on Thursday, Sep 26, 2013 at 15:29 PM

Hi Sov
I agree with most all of your comments above especially where you said "It would have been nice if this President thought differently"
It would have been nice to see the President not necessarily follow the footsteps of his predecessors but follow a different path,a new path.
Until we have a person who steps into the office of the Presidency with real change in mind (as hard as that might be for the person who would do it) we will continue to see the same mistakes repeated over and over.
The one comment you made that "there was never an intent of war here" I'm not really as sure about that as you are ,I do feel that President Obama will use force if he thinks he's justified to do so.
He knows how the American people feel about another war,even Republicans who are usually the ones eager to rush first into any foreign con*flict were hesitant ,and yet he's still out there telling people about how we can't stand by and do nothing.
He's in his second term he has nothing to lose,if this were his first term I might say no he wouldn't risk it.
If Syria complies then this will dissolve ,but we are always going to see con*flicts in other countries so we will continue to always be on the edge of some war unless somehow,someday a President,A Congress,the whole U.S.Government shows more interest in this land,this people then other agendas.
I know we can't live in a bubble I do understand that ,but we have gone so far over into the extreme of policing the world we have hurt our own nation.Our government has neglected and abused it's own people.
We have the right to expect more from our leaders ,is that setting the bar too high ? I don't believe we should expect any less .

KarenPearsall commented on Friday, Sep 27, 2013 at 16:03 PM

Hello The Sovereign, I don't believe that "the end justifies the means". That philosophy is used too many times as an excuse for deliberate distortion of ethics or principles. I don't disagree with the general notion of "political theater", I just view it differently than you do. It is like we are at the same movie complex, but watching different films. I don't think that the President's stance on Syria is meant to manipulate the national conversation. I view it as similar to a global chess game. I don't want to sound like a wacky conspiracy theorist, but it seems that the diplomatic turn of events has many coincidences or serendipitous actions. The President and his administration engage in some saber rattling over Assad's (or his government's) horrific use of chemical weapons against his own people. The President seemed genuinely outraged by the chemical warfare and had that as his "red line". He felt that Assad's use of chemical weapons could be a credible threat to the United States (perhaps used against our troops in the nearby region?) besides a violation of human rights standards. Whatever his underlying reasoning, the President pushed for military action (not involving "boots on the ground") as a strike against Syria would send a message to the world. Whether we, as the United States, need to be this "messenger" is indeed debatable. Meanwhile, Russia and Putin see possible U.S. military strikes against Syria as the potential to unbalance and perhaps topple the current regime, in the rebels' favor. The rebels, with a definite faction (supposedly small) of terrorists are not a group Russia feels is in its country's best interest to control Syria. U.S. Congressmen sign a petition saying that the President should put the strike matter before Congress. When the President calls their bluff and DOES place the debate before Congress (be careful what you wish for), they are left juggling the issue like a hot potato, inept and squabbling, as usual. This all seems like a delaying tactic to me, since whatever Congress may decide, the President STILL has the power to call for a military strike. It's a ploy to buy some time and see how Syria and Russia will react. Concurrently, Obama and Putin have talks at a world conference. Sec. of State Kerry makes an offhand comment, during a speech, that the strikes could be averted if only Syria would turn over their chemical weapons to the U.N. representatives, which of course, he claims it won't agree to do. Miracle of miracles, (or is it?) Syria and Russia come up with a proposal for Syria to do just that. Hmmm. Amazing timing! This last-minute diplomatic solution was "face-saving" all around. Assad stays in power, Russia keeps its "ally" while Putin paints himself as the diplomatic statesman and hero, and the United States avoids a costly Middle East quagmire, but gets its point across about chemical weaponry. That is just my take on the situation. Sincerely, Karen

rozemist commented on Tuesday, Oct 01, 2013 at 10:00 AM

TheSovereign commented on Wednesday, Oct 02, 2013 at 03:35 AM

I would like to mention that I looked through many different news and political sites, and I am not seeing headlines with Syria, or our involvement in Syria, or chemical weapons. All that is in the news now is the debt ceiling circus.

As I said, nothing happened, just a lot of noise. Now on to other business.

Now, if the congress stalls too long on passing the debt ceiling, then you will see Syria back in the headlines again. Just a prediction.

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