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MB Bulletin = TEA Party Bull
Last comment by TheSovereign 4 years, 10 months ago.

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Seems more and more, the Manteca Bulletin is NOT a news publication. News publications focus on the NEWS of the area. The Manteca Bulletin seems to focus on the political bias of its editor Dennis Wyatt and then tries to spin EVERYTHING into somehow trying to support that bias.

Almost every day, we get some nonsense about how "great" SSJID is and the "evil" that is PG&E. No mention of how SSJID give substantial money to the Manteca Bulletin and the City as a whole. Seems unethical to give preferential news treatment to advertisers while slamming non advertisers. Also, in what world is SSJID responsible for the FEDERAL Energy Start system?? Seems Dennis Wyatt would like us to think that more efficient bathroom fixtures were the exclusive brainchild of Manteca and SSJID. Ironically, Dennis Wyatt actually ATTACKS the EPA - the people actually responsible for Energy Star and other conservation efforts.

Also, since when is housing starts an economic indicator of success? Last I checked, home prices are FLAT the time on market is MONTHS in Manteca. Compare this to the city that Dennis Wyatt's imagination seems to think Manteca is most like - Pleasanton. Pleasanton has had almost ZERO housing starts. If we used Dennis Wyatt "logic" with 10,000 less new homes, Pleasanton should be 10,000 less successful. Amazingly (sarcasm), this is NOT the case. Pleasanton existing home prices are going through the roof, giving equity and great financial gain to ALL Pleasanton home owners. Meanwhile, existing homeowners in Manteca have seen home prices continue to erode with the prices of existing homes in Manteca staying flat - or falling - while the rest of California sees prices rise. This is aLL due to unregulated Bonus Buck bribery; line the pockets of developers and council by literally stealing the equity from Manteca residents.

And that is all just in the "NEWS" section. The opinion page is even further out there; especially Dennis Wyatt's absurdly stupid “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.” Seems like many of the undereducated of the region, Dennis Wyatt "thinks" with his gut and not his brain. Who cares about facts when you know the truth because it 1) "feels right" and 2) coincidently matches your preconceived prejudices exactly.

The Bulletin continues to disassociates itself with objectivity as it alines itself more and more with being a mouthpiece of TeaParty backwardness.

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TheSovereign commented on Friday, May 10, 2013 at 13:07 PM

To be upset because the Bulletin continually promotes SSJID is a waste of time since the publication was started as a promotional pamphlet for the district. The following is from Wikipedia on the early years of the publication:

To promote a large-scale water project that was the forerunner to today’s South San Joaquin Irrigation District, two men - F.L. Wurster and A.L. Cowell - joined forces to print the Irrigation Bulletin in November 1908. Originally printed in Stockton, California, the Bulletin was essentially a series of flyers distributed statewide promoting the irrigation of 70,000 acres (280 km2) of sandy loam soil around Manteca.[2]
With the help of the South San Joaquin Chamber of Commerce, the Bulletin expanded into a standard-size weekly newspaper on June 3, 1910, when it was moved from Stockton to Ripon. The paper continued to promote the South San Joaquin Irrigation District, which was founded in 1909, and carried news of the district's bond sales to investors throughout California.[2]

As long as people buy the publication and believe they are getting an actual journalistic news paper without regard to its origin or its mission, it will continue to stay the course.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. I think the issue the blogger has is the fear that people from this town will drink the water and believe what this publication prints as fact. In order to sell bull sh!t, one must sprinkle truth through out in order to appear to have credibility. That's how Fox News does it, it was a model that used to work, but people are catching on, and the ratings are showing that.

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