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Real quick since it would seem no one cares - the MPD seems to be allowing most city ordinance violations - and some crime - to go unchecked.

Look at the news today about people camping in the WalMart parking lot for however long they please. This is CLEARLY against City Code and the Police and the City Council seems to be acting like "what are we suppost to do?" How about this: YOUR JOB!!!

One of my tenants ha s had two pickup trucks abandoned infront of her house now for over two months. She has asked Manteca and MPD to tow/impound the vehicles. One would think that with the MPD saying they need new tax revenue to operate, they would JUMP at the opportunity to make some more money with impounding or ticketing. NO. Instead, a SHARPS person came out twice, kind of stared at the two trucks for about 10 min, and then left going about his day. Again, DOING NOTHING!

Another person reported suspicious activity at an abandoned, foreclosed house. For weeks, the MPD ignored the calls. Now, the house's back fence has been completely torn down by vandals and there are probably some homeless people living in the home. Again, the MPD seems to think this is not their problem.

There are MAJOR problems with the MPD. I'm not sure if the city, the MPD leadership, or the MPD officers themselves are to blame, but, it is clear that the MPD is just simply REFUSING To do their job.

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