Federal Intervention in Oakland
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I recently read in the the Manteca Bulletin that conditions are so bad in the Oakland Police department that the Federal Government is stepping for a time, to get things back on track. Due to the corruption, increased violence and over burdened system on the streets that "Marshall" law in a sense will be administered by our Federal Government to get the situation under control. I say the same thing needs to happen here for Stockton and San Joaquin county. Given the exploding murder rates and gun violence in Stockton and the surrounding areas; the same drastic measures should be applied here as well. At least to give the men and women enforcing the laws some support and backup in a very dangerous job. It has come to a point where citizens from surrounding areas will not come to San Joaquin to do business or socialize due to all the "gangland" violence and others that would seek to take advantage of the situation. In addition, to "ferret" out the corruption which has built up in the system over decades. Example, are the excavations over in Linden, in the North part of San Joaquin county. The Speed Freak killers where allowed to murder at will for nearly a 2 decades until they were brought to justice. Just like the Jaycee Dugard case, where she was held captive for over 20 years, there were many opportunities to have saved her, but do to lack of due diligence by law enforcement and the Federal Government agencies the victim was subject to all the vile treatment and torture she endured all those years. It reminds me of a similar case of Colleen Stan and Steven Stayner both held captives and abused for years both notable cases in the media. At best it can be like finding a needle in the proverbial haystack.

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TheSovereign commented on Tuesday, Nov 20, 2012 at 01:39 AM

The state should be stepping in way before it is necessary for the Federal Government to do so. We keep hearing about state's rights, on how they want to take care of their own business, and then they dont do anything.

The state of Ca should be addressing the situations in Oakland, Stockton and anywhere else that the city government has lost control.

crimeriddendump commented on Sunday, Nov 25, 2012 at 15:38 PM

I agree. I'm not sure why there has not been intervention into Stockton's police yet.

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