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7 Uses and Benefit of Tea Tree Oil for Skin & Hair

The bodily benefits of tea tree oil is not a secret. A choice ingredient in many healthcare and beauty products, tea tree oil boasts of a multitude of amazing properties that have been known to cure acne, relieve dry scalp, moisturize flaky skin, and alleviate dandruff, among others. It was the native aborigines of Australia who first harvested tea tree for its oil, and up to today the wonder substance is still the popular ointment ...

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What Say You Now Comrade

Once again Mr. Aquila has emerged from his apparent hermetically sealed political bubble to inform us that "Up" is "Down" and "Down" is "Up". (Russian meddling: Obama smokescreen?) 3/23. Let's examine the putrid gas molecules Aquila has allowed to escape from that bubble into the political atmosphere, shall we?

1. Democrats creating an impression of Russian meddling in the 2016 election... Sorry, the FBI and the Justice Department has already stated ...

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Recovering From Bypass Surgery


Your heart may heal faster than the incision after the bypass surgery. The bypass surgery is not as traumatic and disabling as it used to be. In certain cases, the doctors can perform a bypass while the heart is still beating. This is an advance that will shorten the recovery time and reduce the risk of complications. Relatively the younger patients with fewer health problems and simple blockages tend to have ...

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Full Court Press?

Read this then if it all seems too familiar, it might be because it's all on tape folks, all on tape...

Have you ever wondered how Tyranny begins? Well, it begins by controlling the Free Press. How is this possible you ask? Well, historically, Tyrants have used this tried and true method:

1. Berate the Media and turn the public against it, calling them "Dishonest", "Disgusting", and "Scum". Claiming ...

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The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries for Women


The most popular cosmetic surgeries for women these days include liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, breast lift, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, facelift and, dermabrasion. Recovery times may vary for each of these popular cosmetic surgeries. Let us now check out the details of each of the popular cosmetic surgeries for women.


As it is already New Year 2017, it is no secret that America is ...

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