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How Stress Affects Your Weight

A recent interview with well-known Indian Dr. Abratim Goel – who specializes in bariatric surgery – outlines how stress can cause you to gain a significant amount of weight. Dr. Goel says that most people gain a significant amount of weight when they get stressed out. It is important to note however that stress can cause the exact opposite effect in other people, who can lose significant amounts of weight and suffer other potentially adverse ...

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Monkey Buisness

Just watched a video clip of John Boehner on the news, he was entertaining two little girls with a mechanical wind-up monkey that he apparently keeps on his desk. You've all seen one of these, the Monkey has a cymbal on each hand, when you wind it up, it bangs the two cymbals together. Entertaining for a child, at least for a short period, but for an adult, it hardly gets a smile. But this ...

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Pet Grooming at home?

If you have a pet that needs regular grooming, you know the drill. Load them up in the car, drop them off in the morning knowing full well they'll be spending most of the day in a cage somewhere in the back, wait anxiously for the call which always comes later then you hope, go back to the groomer, try to pay while your pet pulls you toward the door cuz they just wanna get ...

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How to Save Money Remodeling

It is no secret or surprise that remodeling projects are costly. A successful remodeling project comes down to the money put into it in most circumstances. It is common to see many remodeling projects sit unfinished due to insufficient funds, and we have all heard the horror stories of remodeling projects that have gone over budget. Even when remodeling is necessary, many homeowners will avoid the task in fear of the cost. What people ...

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Mano-a-Mano With The Green Machine

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the BrightSource Energy plant near the Nevada border. Which reminded me of a couple of years ago while I was on my way to Las Vegas and noticed the plant in the distance. I thought it might be interesting to see up close so I got off the freeway and followed an access road, getting as close as I could. Took a couple of ...

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