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A Dentist Discusses Dental Implants


If you are missing teeth even in the back then you may want to consider dental implants which can change your facial structure and your appearance. Now fashion and beautiful smiles have become synonymous with each other as well as personal health, education and financial ability. However, in most cases, the concept of a beautiful smile includes only those teeth which can be seen. Often missing a tooth in the back ...

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A Whiff Of Reality

This is an UN-Edited copy of the letter I submitted on 3/8, published 3/12 which didn't seem to be edited...


In my last letter, (The Moronic Idea To Arm Teachers) Mar 5, which I might add was edited by the Bulletin before publication, I assume was for length, (All my UN-edited versions of my letters can be found on the Bulletin Blog page), I stated I was curious ...

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Feed a family of 4 for $100 a week

Here is my grocery list along with prices this time for my $100 grocery week. I have a family of 4 w/two of the four being teenagers, so I can assure you, this works! And it feels good to stay on a budget. For us right now, it's a necessity. We are working on getting out of debt, so it's super important for me to stay on budget.
Today I shopped in town again...Dollar ...

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Teachers, Guns and the NRA

This is the UN-edited version of the letter published by the Bulletin on 3/05...

I won't bother to bore you with a reply to (Truth only for those who seek it) Feb 28-18 by Frank Aquila.

His letter, as usual, is just a rehashing of his same old tired talking points on how it was the Hillary Campaign who colluded with the Russians and ...

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What Does a Medical Tourism Facilitator REALLY Do?


Medical tourism is a $100 billion dollar industry with over 60 countries offering some type of medical tourism service. Now think about how does one forge their way through the medical travel jungle of options? You need to find a medical tourism facilitators to help you guide through the process which help people to reach their objective of improved health and a higher quality of life. Though it may sound like ...

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