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Censorship is Aquila's only counterargument

I challenge Amy to support anything she writes with a single fact.

The fact is that Amy Sullivan is wrong. She clearly does not know history and seems to think here opinions and misconceptions are actually facts. She ignorantly writes "I would like to challenge Larry Baca to prove his statement." Well, challenge ACCEPTED! I will dispel here misconceptions below:

1) "Anyone who has watched the movie, “God is ...

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Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press 101

Apparently "Freedom of Speech" and "Freedom of the Press" are two foreign concepts for some people. (Paper needs higher standards for letter writer) Apr 25 by Amy Sullivan. In her letter, Ms. Sullivan calls for a complete censure of any of my letters to the editor and blasts the Bulletin for not having "Higher Standards" for apparently allowing the publication of any letter that contradicts anything submitted by Mr. Frank Aquila (Contends ACLU Targets ...

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Children Of The Corn

If the Bulletin readership was as gullible as our local Fear Tactics salesman seems to think they are, they should all be huddling in fear, hiding in that 1950's Era bomb shelter in their back yard. I am speaking of course, about today's letter to the Editor (Contends ACLU Targets Christianity) Apr 19 by Mr. Frank Aquila, apparently the one time President of the San Joaquin Young Republicans. I say "Apparently" because he no longer ...

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How San Joaquin County Businesses Can Protect

Recent national jobs reports paint an encouraging picture for the American economy, writ large. Per The New York Times, unemployment hovers around 5%, close to what most economists consider “full employment.” Meanwhile, the economy is consistently creating more than 200,000 jobs per quarter.

But good macroeconomic news doesn’t mean everything is hunky-dory closer to home. The Central Valley in general, and San Joaquin County in particular, have lagged California’s major metro regions ...

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Dale Fritchen : Hypocrite

See title.


He is also a racist.

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