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Another Fly In The SugarMan Lemonade

This is another letter I submitted in response to our boy Frank Aquila that hasn't made print for whatever reason...
Recently Rudy Giuliani said if you want to find dirt on Hillary Clinton, just go on the Internet and google "Hillary Clinton". Apparently he got that idea from out own Google master, the Sugarman (Remember that moniker? That's the nickname given to him by some servers in a local eatery for his ...

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Dale Fritchen is a bigot

Dale Fritchen hates hispanics and blacks in the Stockton community and can't stand that his taxes go to the education of minorities.

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6 Reasons Why People Love Essays

What is an Essay?
An essay is way of writing in which we cover a specific subject, topic or story. We just write on that. We didn’t have to write on combination of so many topics or so many stories. We have to focus on specific topic and have to attract readers to desired subject, topic or story. We can cover all the points regarding that story and can more elaborate that story ...

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Craft Boutique


The Manteca Women of the Moose will be holding an outdoor Craft Boutique on Saturday, September 17, 2016, at the Moose Lodge, 1185 North Main St., Manteca, from 10:00 – 3:00.

We will advertise the Boutique on a number of social medias and newspaper, post several large banners and signs at the front and sides of the lodge, across from the lodge, and at the corner of ...

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(c) Doesn't Mean Squat

It seems our local presumed Trump supporter has been combing the Right Wing Internet to hone up on his judicial expertise. In this case it seems he decided was a good place to find some red meat, unfortunately that is apparently not a good place to find actual facts. (Hillary is above the law) 7/15 by Frank Aquila.

1. Mr. Aquila starts right out of the gate with an untrue ...

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