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How to Consult with Dr. Tarun Giroti Dentist in De


Everybody, including children, should visit the dental specialist in any event once at regular intervals. Permanent teeth are designed to last a lifetime. The risk of tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss can be reduced with good oral hygiene, a low-sugar diet, use of a mouth guard when playing sport, and general visits to the dental practitioner or other oral health professional. Present day techniques imply that dental treatment can ...

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Bang The Drum Slowly or Toy Soldiers Toy Drums

This is the unedited letter published in today's paper 9/27

Do you hear the sound of War Drums, albeit a bit slowly? That somewhat muffled toy drum you hear might be coming from the writer of today's view (Trump faces dilemma not of his making) 9/25. As usual that toy drum is being beaten by a toy soldier who is standing behind another toy soldier, Donald Trump. I don't know the ...

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Choosing a Doctor For Your Medical Travel Abroad?


Medical professionals are the backbone of the medical field who help people with their basic needs of healthcare maintenance. The bond created between a physician and patient is built on respect and trust. Hence it is utmost important to select a doctor who will cater to all your medical needs with professionalism.

The Informed Decision

While opting for a procedure at the hospital, ideally ...

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Medical Tourism Benefits Every Patient Should Cons


Medical tourism can be well experienced with Indian health guru consultants. They are the best medical tourism company is India, which provides the best medical tourism service at affordable package. Hospitals in India are known for its best medical panel, caring staff; pleasing atmosphere and healthy surrounding. These special qualities help the patient not to feel homesick and get well soon with a feeling of being in their home town. The ...

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Defending the Indefensible

A prime example of "Defending the Indefensible" is how I would describe a recent Letter To The Editor, (The Democrat KKK double standard) 8/21.. The writer takes us for a ride back into KKK history, 150 years or so, in a vain attempt to defend Donald Trump by blaming Democrats for his actions. It is true that the South was in the hands of the Democrats when the KKK came into power, but that ...

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