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Cox V Drain

Why is that that when Robert Cox was arrested on murder charges, so many in Manteca said "Innocent until proven guilty." Yet, these exact same people are now saying that Ashley Drain is guilty before any trial whatsoever.

What makes Ashley Drain different than Cox? Cox actually killed a man. That is an indisputable fact. What has Drain done that is indisputable? If Drain actually killed someone, would that be less egregious ...

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Last comment by KarenPearsall 24 minutes ago
Great Wolf in sheep clothing

The whole article "No Room(s) in Manteca" is a lie plain and simple. Isn't it convenient that the people who advocate a pointless hotel couldn't find enough room in the area when they came for an evaluation? Why did they go 30 mile to Stockton when there are several hotels in Lathrop right on I5 substantially closer? Where these booked as well?

The whole thing is a pile of lies that Dennis ...

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Last comment by crimeriddendump 7 hours, 28 minutes ago
Bulletin hates black people

See title. It is apparent now that Dennis Wyatt will make any excuse to defend racists at MUSD and in Manteca while at the same time resorting to any means necessary including lies and deception and intimidation of others to smear any and all black politicians. Can anyone name a single local black politician the Bulletin has supported?

Look how the Bulletin regularly publishes editorials from Pat Buchanan lamenting about the loss ...

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Last comment by crimeriddendump 2 days, 16 hours ago
Know about Foraminotomy surgery in India

What is Foraminotomy?
Foraminotomy is a minimal obtrusive surgical technique performed to extend the opening in the spinal segment where the nerve roots leave the spinal canal. Its motivation is to alleviate the weight coming about because of foraminal stenosis. This is an agonizing condition brought on by a narrowing of the foramen, the opening inside of each of the spinal bones that permits nerve roots to go through.

Why the ...

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Dental surgery: Why You Should Go for the Surgery

Dental surgery Overview

Anybody can suffer with some kind of dental problem. It is important to notice the dental problem earlier and take some actions. Dentist will help you in giving best suggestion and recommending solutions. Dental surgery includes types of operation related to teeth and gums. This can be extraction (pulling a decayed tooth) any gum procedure, root canals, or even redefining the shape that is known as cosmetic dental surgery. ...

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