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Paediatric Laparoscopy India Reviews: Why You Shou

Paediatric Laparoscopy Overview

Unlike adults, kids too fall ill and get dreaded diseases as well. With growing technological advancements taking place in Medical Sciences, the concern to get minimally invasive surgical solutions seems to getting addressed the best. Today, you can find minimally invasive surgery has even evolved in the pediatric age group. A majority of commonly performed pediatric surgical procedures now can be carried out using laparoscopic approach including the pedicatric ...

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What If Your Uber Driver Has Been Drinking?

Here is the scenario: You were at one of the biggest games of the year. You had a ball! You ate too much and you also drank too much. You drove to the game, but now you feel like you may be a little too tipsy to be driving back home. Call up the popular Uber car company, but when you get in the car, he smells like he’s been doing his own celebrating. To ...

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"Feel the Bern" And Sarah Palin Heartburn

Once again, the local Teapublican who credits himself unabashedly with the "Discovery" of Sarah Palin, has found a couple of Tea Party web sites who were unknowingly or maybe more than willing to provide information, made up or exaggerated, that plays into his own political agenda. Our local Teapublican liked them so much he pretty much copied them word for word. If you doubt that fact, look them up yourselves at and ...

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Teachers are the custodians of students’ lives, their career and prosperity. Children tend to look for aspiration from these figures and follow them as mentor. What we have gone through in the past centuries is somewhat not applicable in this part of the world. Teachers were not trained or educated enough to make their own stand. They were depending on other forces like academic coordinators. Now, a teacher who teaches in this twenty-first century cannot ...

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Yosemite Sam Reincarnated?

This was a letter sent to the Bulletin in response to a letter submitted by Frank Aquila

Just a short comment regarding the Your Views Letter (Hillary trying to fool people) Jan 11, by Mr. Frank Aquila. In his rambling letter, Mr. Aquila echos his dire warnings about President Obama of around 7 years ago. I am speaking of course, of the same old Chicken Little ramblings, warning that voting ...

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