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5 Hotels Nearby Costa Rica International Airports

If you are planning to travel to Costa Rica, one of the most important things to consider is how to choose properly the hotels where you will stay. No matter if your flight is landing or departing from Juan Santamaria International airport or Liberia International airport, for sure you would like to know about hotels located near both international airports in order to take them into account in your itinerary.

Even though ...

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More expensive than Times

Dennis Wyatt always wears his delusions on his sleeve. From the crime statistics of Manteca , to his wild PG&E conspiracy theories, the do-no-wrong high pedestal he places SSJID and the MPD, how Frank Aquilla is a relevant political figure as opposed to a religious and racial bigot, or how Great Wolf is the greatest idea since ... ever! However, the pay structure for the Manteca Bulletin may by Wyatt at his most delusional.

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Beautiful Music for inspiration

900 Voices With Manteca’s Beth Garcia Will Make You Smile

Your Manteca ​ resident, ​Beth Garcia is a featured singer in Grammy​ ®​ winning composer, Laura Sullivan’s new video production, ​900 Voices​ . Laura called out to the world to join her in a powerful plan to make a music video. Her request was simple. Take a video of yourself singing her song ​We Are Love ​ and send it ...

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Back To The Future, Teapublican Style

It was rather ironic that our local Right Wing Champion decided to write about how great the GOP has been for Women's rights on the day after "Equal Pay Day", the day Women finally catch up to what Men were paid last year. That means it took women all of last year and up until this time this year to earn the same amount as men did last year. I am, of course referring to ...

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Creating a Backyard Fit for Summer

The weather is heating up, which means much more time spent outdoors as opposed to indoors. Yard work can seem tedious, but it is definitely a chore worthwhile. Instead of doing yard work to impress your neighbors, do yard work to impress your family and enjoy time with them this summer. Use spring as the season to prepare your yard to be the place where fun family memories are made once the kids are out ...

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